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Welcome to Drusilla

Welcome to Drusilla 

"Drusilla" a magnificent mansion set on fourteen hectares in Macedon, Victoria was built by the Grimwades in 1931. The Marist Brothers bought the property in 1945 for fourteen thousand seven hundred pounds. In 1947 they partly renovated it to use as a training centre for the Marist Order. It was used as a Juniorate from 1948 until 1954, then as a Novitiate from 1955 till 1976. The Marists then used it as a Retreat Centre until about 2003 when it was sold to private enterprise.

This was the "home" for many young aspirants to the Marist Order for almost thirty years and holds fond memories for them.

This blog is a means of keeping in touch for all those associated with "Drusilla".
 {photo courtesy Tony Alonco - Drusilla 53}




Foundation:  The first reunion of this association was convened by Brother Dough Walsh (Drusilla 51)* in 1980 (September 20-21) to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the closure of "Drusilla" as a Juniorate. John Kelly (Drusilla 51) and Brian Philp (Drusilla 51 ... RIP 2010) followed in Brother Doug's footsteps and faithfully promoted the association with 17 future reunions over nearly 40 years.
Membership:  All 373 Juniors and Novices and 52 staff who attended "Drusilla" over 28 years:
  • training as Juniors from 1948 till 1954
  • training as Novices from 1955 till 1976
  • all staff members who served as teachers and guardians in the Juniorate and Novitiate
Honorary membership to all spouses and partners of members.
Nomenclature:  All members may be referred to as Old Drusillians ( a name first used by John Hassett (Drusilla 52) in promoting the last Reunion scheduled for March 2018).
*      (Drusilla 51) - 1951 -  first year of attendance at "Drusilla".
#      Old Macedonians could have other social and/or political inferences.
^      Due to the ageing of members who regularly attend the Reunions.
Posted November 2017