Friday, May 11, 2012

2014 Reunion - Wagga Wagga





Mike (and Pat) Doherty                                    Drusilla 51
Barry (and Marj) Hansen                                 Drusilla 51
Les (and Bev) Jones                                         Drusilla 52
John (and Meg) Kelly                                      Drusilla 51
Ken (and Maureen) Keating                            Drusilla 51
Peter (and Joan) Lawler                                    Drusilla 51
Tom and Hilda Lawlor [local reps]                  Drusilla 52
Terry (and Jenny) O'Brien                                Drusilla 49
We acknowledge the assistance our spouses make in helping to plan this reunion.



 {as at 6th September - subject to change as necessary}
Tuesday 9th September
  • Arrivals                                                                                        After  2.00pm
  • Pre-dinner gathering:                   Motel BBQ area                               6.00pm
  • Evening Meal and drinks:        Sausage Sizzle etc
Wednesday 10th September
  • Breakfast                                     Motel Restaurant                                 8.00am
  • Meeting                                       Establish car pools                               9.30am 
  • Excursion 1                                 "All aboard for Junee"

  • Morning Tea                               Pre-determined spot
  • Lunch                                          Pre-determined venue                         12.30pm
  • Afternoon Tea                             Pre-determined spot
  • Return to Motel                                                                                         4.30pm

  • Evening Meal                              William Farrer Hotel 
  • Depart                                          Car pools                                               6.15pm
                                                               Pre-dinner drinks
                                                               Dinner                                                    7.00pm
  • Return to Motel                                                                                           9,00pm

Thursday 11th September
  • Breakfast                                      Motel Restaurant                                    8.00am
  • Excursion 2                                  Wagga Discovery Tour
  •                                                      Assemble                                                 9.30am
                                                         Depart                                                     10.00am
                                                         Local Guides - Tom & Hilda Lawlor
  • Quick Lunch                                Bakery stop or similar                            12.30pm
  • Return to Motel                                                                                            2.00pm

  • Reunion Business meeting                                                                          3.30pm
  • Photos
  • Depart for Reunion Mass               Car Pools                                               5.15pm
  • Reunion Mass                                Kooringal Chapel                                  5.45pm

  • Pre-dinner drinks                            Overflow Bar (Motel)                            7.00pm
  • Reunion Dinner (some drinks)      Clancy Restaurant (Abbott Room)        7.30pm

Friday 12th September
  • Breakfast  (earlier)                           Motel Restaurant                                       7.30am
  • Departures                                                                                             Before 10.00am




Back row:      Tom Lawlor, Br Gerry Rush, Terry McDonald, John Hassett, Br John Maybon, Peter Lawler, John Kelly
Middle row: Brian Greaves, Mike Doherty, Remo Bianco, Barry Hansen, Br Kevin Hoare, Br Julian Quinlan
Front row:  Tony Alonco, Ken Keating, Frank Loughland, Br Doug Walsh

Tony and Therese Alonco
All photos in this post are courtesy of Tony and Therese.

{narration précised from report prepared by Peter Lawler - Drusilla 51}
In Wagga Wagga a few showers during the day caused some anxiety for the organisers as the evening meal was to be outdoors. However, the weather cleared and the pizza and sausage sizzle got underway as planned. Tom and Hilda Lawlor delivered a delicious selection of pizzas, while (Peter Lawler), Barry Hansen and Br Doug Walsh busied themselves with cooking on the gas barbeques in the courtyard of the Motor Inn. A good variety of drinks, including wine donated by Tony and Therese Alonco, was enjoyed with the food and a convivial meal was completed with cups of refreshing brandied oranges and cream prepared by Joan Lawler.
After the meal we adjourned to the Abbott Room of the motel for tea and coffee, where we enjoyed fruit cake provided by Maureen Keating and arranged the car pools for the following day.
Welcoming BBQ - Peter Lawler, Br Doug, Barry Hansen

BBQ - Terry and Wilma McDonald, Margaret Irvin and Br Gerry
BBQ - Therese Alonco, Ken and Maureen Keating, Marj Hansen, Br Julian.

BBQ _ Br Julian, Mike Doherty, Ken Keating
BBQ - John Kelly, Therese Alonco, Joan Lawler, Lois Lane
BBQ - Frank and Louris Loughland, Br Doug
BBQ: Louris Loughland, Pat Doherty, Br Kevin



{narration précised from report prepared by Peter Lawler - Drusilla 51}
It was "All aboard for Junee" as the cavalcade of pooled cars set off for Junee, led by Tom and Hilda Lawlor. The first stop of the day was a most informative tour, with tastings, of the Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory. We then moved on to Betty's Café at the Junee Historical Museum in the old Broadway Hotel where Tom and Hilda had arranged our lunch of sandwiches, rolls and cakes with coffee and tea. When lunch concluded we spent an instructive time exploring the Museum which has a wonderful collection of treasures recording life in Junee in former times. There simply was not enough time for us to see everything that was available in the displays. Our final stop on the tour was the Junee Roundhouse which is a massive circular structure built in the 1940s by NSW Government Railways for maintenance of locomotives and rolling stock.
On return to the Abbott Room at the Carriage House we gathered in prayer for the family who had died in the tragic murder/suicide on the outskirts of the nearby village of Lockhart the previous day. May they rest in peace.
In the evening, we car pooled to the William Farrer Hotel for a tasty, bistro-style dinner ( organised by Peter Lawler).

Junee trip: licorice and chocolate factory
Junee Trip: Lois Lane, Marj Hansen, Margaret Irvin, Remo Bianco
Junee Trip: chocolate factory

Junee Trip: Remo Bianco, Toni Alonco
Junee Trip: Marj Hansen, Val and John Hassett., Wilma and Terry McDonald, Naomi Bianco
Junee Trip: Lois Lane, John and Meg Kelly, Maureen and Ken Keating, Br Gerry
Junee Trip: Br John, Br Doug, Remo Bianco


Back section: Brian Greaves, Tom Lawlor, Br Gerry Rush, Terry McDonald, John Hassett, Br Kevin Hoare, Frank Loughland,  Br John Maybon, Peter Lawler, Meg Kelly, John Kelly.
Middle section: Margaret Irvin, Mike Doherty, Wilma McDonald, Remo Bianco, Joan Lawler, Ken Keating, Barry Hansen, Br Julian Quinlan, Br Doug Walsh, Maureen Philp, Louris Loughland
Front Section: Lois Lane, Pat Doherty, Marj Hansen, Fr Bernie Thomas, Val Hassett, Therese Alonco, Naomi Bianco



Junee Trip: museum

Junee Trip: Catholic Church

Junee Trip: Junee main street

Junee Trip: Peter Lawler, Remo Bianco, Maureen Philp

Junee Trip: Val Hassett, Pat Doherty, Therese Alonso, Margaret Irvin, Maureen Philp
Junee Trip: Tom Lawlor inspecting round house railway museum

Junee Trip: model railway



{narration précised from a report prepared by Peter Lawler - Drusilla 51}
After breakfast we gathered in the Carriage House carpark to await the arrival of the Allen's Coaches' 62 seater bus for 10.00am start of our tour of Wagga Wagga.
The tour began with a visit to the RAAF Wagga Heritage Centre at Forest Hill RAAF base with its "gate guardians" of five historic military aircraft. Then our tour continued past Lake Albert, one of the cities popular sport and recreation facilities,  as we headed towards Wagga Wagga's extraordinary Botanic Gardens: "extraordinary" because, as we discovered, it comprises far more than the usual genre of botanic gardens. We found that the parklike setting of gardens had vast open spaces of lawns, shrubs and formal flower gardens (including the beautiful Chinese gardens).
As lunchtime approached we reboarded the bus and headed towards the city's CBD where we disembarked and made our own choices for lunch. In the afternoon we drove through the campus of Charles Sturt University, a campus in a lovely rural setting, far different from the "traditional" campuses of metropolitan universities.
The tour gave us a wonderful picture of Wagga Wagga and throughout our journey we were entertained by the hilarious commentary provided by Hilda Lawlor, and supplemented by Tom.
On our return to the motel we gathered in the Abbott Room for the Reunion Business Meeting, including a discussion on future reunions. It was unanimously decided that the Committee should go ahead with plans for at least one more.
In the late afternoon we car pooled again for Sacred Heart Church, Kooringal, where we were welcomed by Father Bernie Thomas to share the Parish's usual Thursday Mass as our Reunion Mass blending in the remembrance of our deceased Drusilla confreres, our prayers of the faithful and our renditions of Salve Regina and Sub Tuum
The Abbott Room was the venue of our very pleasant Reunion Dinner. We were brought to tears of laughter by our entertainment over dinner as various of our members regaled us with the outlandish, but unbelievably true, memories of life as Juniors.
To conclude the evening and the Reunion, Br Doug Walsh gave a very informative presentation of the proposed Marist Association of St Marcellin Champagnat.

Wagga Tour: 'on the buses'
Wagga Tour: RAAF base
Wagga Tour: Botanic Gardens
Wagga Tour: Wilma McDonald, Joan Lawler, Marj Hansen
Wagga Tour: Chinese gardens
Wagga Tour: local guides Hilda and Tom Lawlor.
Reunion Mass
Reunion Mass
Reunion Mass: John Kelly, Br Gerry Rush, Remo Bianco
Reunion Raffle: Maureen Philp (winner), Br Kevin Hoare
Reunion Dinner: Toast to Terry O'Brien (apology).

Committee Meeting: Barry Hansen, John Kelly, Mike Doherty, Peter Lawler



John Kelly, Chair of our Reunion committee would like to acknowledge the following who helped to make our 15th Reunion at Wagga Wagga such an outstanding success, and to thank them sincerely.
  • Peter and Joan Lawler, and Mike and Pat Doherty who worked as a sub-committee from Canberra. They did a lot of 'ground' work with the following: finalising the Reunion budget; the  arrangements and provisions for the welcoming BBQ; the evening meal at William Farrer Hotel; the Reunion Dinner; establishing new 'Drusilla' banking arrangements, and helped in planning of the two excursions.
  • Tom and Hilda Lawlor, our local co-opted committee members in Wagga, who finalised arrangements for Reunion Mass, "All aboard for Junee" tour, the bus for the Wagga tour, and Hilda's top job as our Tour guide.
  • Tony and Therese Alonco who did the photography for the reunion, and provided the wine for the welcoming BBQ.
  • Jo, from the Motel, who was ever anxious to be helpful to make sure that everything from the Motel's point of view was in place.