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2013 Reunion - Shepparton


8th till  11th  APRIL


{Most of the photos in this post were provided by Tony (Drusilla 53) and Therese Alonco}
Front cover of Reunion Booklet - printed by Br Peter Howes (Drusilla 54)



Big Valley Motor Inn

This was an ideal base for the Reunion. Rooms were comfortable, and Maureen and Ken Keating had placed a welcoming basket of local fruit in each room. What a lovely gesture.

Our motel hosts were Anthony and Vicki Picolo and their family. We had sole use of the dining room for our meals (which were very acceptable and appetising) and conference room. We also had open access to the dining room bar based on a honor system. This was a very generous gesture by Anthony. We were very grateful for their understanding and care of us during our stay. There were some last minute apologies and additions which they coped with very obligingly. A big thank you to them.

The Picolo Family - Anthony & Vicki in background


First Excursion

On Tuesday 9th April we departed on our bus tour to Echuca. Ken Keating was our driver and guide. First port of call was the Barmah Information centre where we learnt about Barmah Lagoon and redwood forests, then onto Moama Sports Club for a very relaxed lunch. After lunch we headed to Echuca pier to board the paddlesteamer 'Pride of the Murray" for a very pleasant 60  minute cruise including afternoon tea. We returned to the Motel for pre-dinner drinks, then off to the Terminus Hotel for dinner and were entertained by a local story teller and poet Jack O'Connor. He was delightful


Joan & Peter Lawler, Br Gerry, Br Julian, Frank Loughland

Maureen Philp,Meg & John Kelly, Maureen Keating

Barry Hansen (backgroung),  Lois Lane, Therese Alonco

All aboard: Tony Alonco and Maureen Keating (sorry can't get this to flip)

Philip Auer, Les Jones, Maureen Keating, Br Doug, Ken Keating, Joan Lawler

Can you name all these?

Phil Auer, Lois Lane, Margaret Irvin
Mike & Pat Doherty, Maureen Philp, Therese Alonco


Barry Hansen, Lois Lane

Second Excursion


Bus tour  on Wednesday 10th  included : wine tasting at the Michelton winery; an inspection of Limerick Lane horse stud owned by G A Ryan and home of Melbourne Cup winner Americain; lunch at the Nagambie Hotel; a visit to the Longwood Rockery and Gemstone facility. We had the opportunity to buy goods at the winery and the rockery. We also saw the site of Uniting Church at Nagambie which was demolished by a Keating truck in June 2003. And Father Frank Jones (brother of Les) joined us, helping the driver (Ken) with his local knowledge. John Quinlan (Drusilla 48) from Benalla also joined us today. Another  very interesting day, with plenty of time to chat between stops on the bus.
Br Doug, Phil Auer, John Quinlan
Other things in the winery: Meg Kelly, Joan Lawler, Pat Doherty, Lois Lane
Maureen Keating, John Kelly, Mike Doherty

Limerick Lane Stud
John Kelly, Terry O'Brien, Barry Hansen, Ken Keaing, Les Jones, Fr Frank Jones

At the Limerick Lane horse stud.
Louris & Frank Loughland,  Lois Lane, Margaret Irvin, Les Jones, Tom Lawlor others obscured
 On the buses - all well behaved -how many of these can you identify?

John Kelly,Terry O'Brien, Pat Doherty, Barry Hansen, Hilda Lawlor, Therese Alonco, Tom Lawlor, Kevin Loughland, Mike Doherty, Louris Loughland
Demolition of the Uniting Church Nagambie - driver escaped serious injury - nearly ended up in the Lake!
At the Rockery: Hilda Lawlor, Mike Doherty, Lois Lane, Margaret Irvin, Pat Doherty,John Quinlan, Therese Alonco
Sample of Rockery wares
Reunion Mass
St Brendan's Church, Shepparton
We gathered at St Brendan's at 5.00 pm. The chief celebrant was was Father Frank Jones. We welcomed a number of confreres who had come from Bendigo and Melbourne just for the Mass and dinner. There were also some guests from St Brendan's parish. Barry Hansen and Des Tuck read out the list of deceased confreres and staff from 1948 till 1976 before the liturgy commenced. We also specially remembered those confreres who had died since our Templestowe reunion: Br Stephen Bugg (Drusilla 59), Br John Mullins (Mittagong 54), Fr Bill Grogan (Br Donald (Drusilla 65) ,Br Leo Kavanagh (Drusilla 69) and our deceased family members and loved ones.
Again the singing, as is the custom with our Reunion Masses, was great even though we missed Jenny O'Brien as our accompanist. We sang Kyrie (although it was pitched too high by the cantor - Terry O'Brien - and we struggled a bit but got through it!), Sanctus and Agnus Dei in Gregorian chant. "Take back O Lord and receive ... " a hymn commonly sung at first profession liturgies. And finished with a spirited rendition of the "Salve Regina".
Michael and Pat Doherty prepared the General Intercessions.
Following the mass we took the group photos
Back row: Br Basil Hoare, Mich Wade, Les Jones, Br John Meehan, Br Gerry Rush, Kevin Loughland, Br John Maybon, Tom Lawlor, Des Tuck
Second row: Br Doug Walsh, Br Julian Quinlan, Ken Keating, Mike Doherty, John Kelly, John Quinlan,Tony Alonco
Front row: Brian Greaves, Philip Auer, Peter Lawler, Terry O'Brien, Barry Hansen, Br Des Howard  TOTAL: 22


Ladies only:  Back Row: Maureen Philp, Margaret Irvin, Lois Lane, Hilda Lawlor
Middle: Pat Doherty, Therese Alonco
Front Row: Joan Lawler, Maureen Keating, Meg Kelly  TOTAL: 9

Roll Call 2013

ALONCO, Tony and Therese                                 53
AUER, Phillip (Mittagong)                                    49
DOHERTY, Mike and Pat                                       51
GREAVES, Brian                                                    49
HANSEN, Barry                                                      51
HOARE, Br Basil                                                    48
HOWARD, Br Des                                                  63
IRVIN, Margaret          (Kevin RIP)                       51
JONES, Les                                                              52
KEATING, Ken and Maureen                                 51
KELLY, John and Meg                                            51
LAWLER, Peter and Joan                                        51
LAWLOR, Tom an Hilda                                         52
LANE, Lois                   (Kevin RIP)                       51
LOUGHLAND, Frank and Louris                            53
MAYBON, Br John                                                  51
O'BRIEN, Terry                                                        49
PHILP, Maureen            (Brian RIP)                       51
QUINLAN, Br Julian (Mittagong)                           54
QUINLAN, John                                                       48
RUSH, Br Gerry                                                        52
TUCK, Des                                                                53
WADE, Mich                                                             53
WALSH, Br Doug                                                     52

TOTAL:   31

Apologies 2013
BIANCO, Remo and Naomi                                   52
BURROWS, Ern and Anne                                     50
EMERY, John                                                          51
HASSETT, John and Val                                         52
HICKEY, Br Noel (Jerome)                                     53
JOLLEY, Bill and Trish                                           54
KUNDE, John and Rita (Mittagong)                      54
McCRYSTAL, Br Greg                                           50
McMAHON, Br John                                               64
MONRO, Brian and Yvonne                                    49
O'BRIEN, Jenny
O'BRIEN, Pete and Jan                                             52
ORRELL, Br Terry                                                   52
PARNHAM. Greg and Eleanor                                52
QUINLAN, Margaret                                             
RYAN, Jim and Jan                                                  63
SCOTT, Vin and Frances                                         49
SKEHAN, Br Jack                                                    58
TUCK, Anna
TOTAL:  32
Reunion Meeting

On returning from St Brendan's we met in the conference room for drinks and our meeting. To commence the meeting Les Jones acknowledged all those who had apologised for not being able to attend the Reunion, but especially the following late withdrawals: Jan Greaves (not well); John and Val Hassett (family matters); Remo and Naomi Bianco (not well); John and Rita Kunde (not well). Some of the matters arising from the meeting included:
evaluation of this Reunion - unanimous affirmation for the Motel and the Excursions and special thanks to Ken and Maureen Keating for their sterling effort;
discussion on future reunions - strong support to continue them but perhaps in a different format where attendees arrange their own accommodation preferably at the same venue (or within close proximity) - no collection of deposits etc.
One motion was proposed: that John Kelly be accepted as the life member of the Reunions and continue to be Chair of the committee.
The current committee are happy to continue in their roles to support him.
Reunion Dinner 
The dinner followed the meeting - a lovely three course meal. Br Des Howard (Drusilla 63) was our guest speaker who provided us with an informative and inspiring  address about the establishment of the Marist Brothers in Australia, the division into two Provinces (Melbourne and Sydney in 1948), the amalgamation back into one Province (Australian Province in 2012), and the future directions of the Marist charism. He led us in sterling rendition of ' Viva la companie'. Then in true Marist tradition we concluded the evening with the 'Sub Tuum'. 

The Reunion Committee
The Committee would like to thank sincerely  all those who were able to attend this Reunion, as usual it was a great family show.

 Again we would like to especially acknowledge Margaret Irvin, Maureen Philp, and Lois Lane for their attendance, it is very inspiring to all of us that you think it is important for the memory of your husbands.

Also a thank you to all those who offered their apologies, your support for our Reunions is very reassuring.

We are grateful to Tony and Therese Alonco who provided us with two DVDs of their iPad photos and videos of our Reunion. Unfortunately the videos are two large (MBs) to download onto this blog. They have also provided DVDs to others as well. Much appreciated Tony and Therese, our 'official' photographers.

Your Reunion 2013 Committee

Mike Doherty (Drusilla 51)
Barry Hansen (Drusilla 51)
Les Jones (Drusilla 52)
John Kelly (Drusilla 51) - Chair and Treasurer
Terry O'Brien (Drusilla 49) - Secretary


                        Arrivals                                                            pm
                        Pre-dinner drinks                                           5.00
                        Evening Meal                                                7.00

                         Breakfast                                                       7.30
                         Depart for First Excursion                             9.15
                                 Morning Tea - Barmah                         10.00
                                 Lunch - Moana Sports Club                 12.00
                                 PaddleSteamer + A tea                           2.30
                         Pre-dinner drinks                                            5.00
                         Dinner - Terminus Hotel                                6.00 
                         Breakfast                                                         7.30
                         Depart for Second Excursion                          9.15
                                   Morning Tea - Winery                         10.30
                                   Lunch - Nagambie Hotel                     12.00
                                   Longwood Rockery                               1.45

                         Reunion Mass  at St Brendan's                        5.00
                                Celebrant: Fr Frank Jones
                                Reunion Photos
                         Reunion Meeting                                             6.15
                         Pre-dinner drinks 
                         Reunion Dinner                                                7.00                  
                                 Guest Speaker: Br Des Howard Drusilla 63)

                         Breakfast                                                          7.30
                         Departures                                                         am   

{posted May 2013}