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87 years of age
Mittagong Juniorate 1947
Marist for 69 years
Came from Narrandera NSW.
Many of us will remember Brian when he was a member of the Melbourne Province. He taught at Bendigo, Camberwell, Wangaratta, Forbes, Parkes, Kilmore and Mount Gambier. Brian was possibly the only Brother to have been a member of all three Australian Provinces. He started in Melbourne Province, transferred to Sydney Province, and died a member of the Australian Province.
At the age of forty he was given the opportunity to undertake full time study. This unleashed a continuing desire for academic challenges, climaxing aged 67with PhD in Scripture in 1998.

Acknowledgement: Brother Greg McCrystal (Drusilla 50) - Adelaide Marist News Vol 29, and Brother Peter Carroll (Provincial)
Posted: June 2019
DRUSILLA 69  - staff 
Acknowledgement: Brother John Meehan (Drusilla 50) - funeral booklet.
Editor's Note: Brother Des was a regular contributor with articles of interest for the Drusilla blog.
Thank you Des for your support and friendship over the years.
Posted: June 2019
Mittagong Juniorate 1940

A Marvellous Companion

Great Community man

Teacher par excellence

Accomplished raconteur

Much loved and respected


Rest in peace Marius with Jesus, Mary and Champagnat

The Life of
Acknowledgement: Brother Greg McCrystal (Drusilla 50) - funeral booklet
Editor's note: Thank you Dick for your friendship over more than fifty years.
Posted: June 2019
Married to Vale
Drusilla 52
John was the Secretary of the Reunion Committee which planned the Final Reunion  (formal one that is) in Melbourne in March this year - not that long ago.
John Kelly (/Drusilla 51), Chair of the above Committee,  provided the funeral booklet and this summary for us of John's funeral Mass offered at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, Deepdene on 11th September 2018. Thanks John.
It was a great farewell in John's parish church with a full house.
Vocalist, Georgia Wilkinson, was a great contributor, beautiful voice.
"The Words of Remembrance" by The Honourable Justice Lex Lasry AM, recently retired from the courts and a friend of John's over many years, delivered an interesting summary of John's life and his  contribution to society, his Church, work in the Social Justice area and in the Law Profession and for Refugees. A man of many talents, and a Collingwood (a Melbourne AFL team)fanatic.
Other Drusillians who were able to attend included:
                                 Remo Bianco
                                Br Peter Howes
                                Ken Keating (apology from Maureen)
                                Br Arthur Maybon
                                Br Doug Walsh
Those Drisillians who tendered their apology included:
                                Mike and Pat Doherty
                                Barry and Marj Hansen
                                Peter Lawler
                                Tom and Hilda Lawlor
Vale John,
many thanks for your support to the Drusilla family over many years,
and in particular for your work on the Reunion Committee over very recent years.
Our sincere condolences to Val and her family at this sad time
from all your Drusilla family.
Information and funeral liturgy booklet provided by John Kelly
Posted: September 2018



Drusilla 58
Formerly Brother Henry
Married to Marion
Acknowledgement: Janet Ryan ( Jim's wife)
Posted: September 2018

Drusilla 63
Married to Janet
32 years a Marist
 Jim was born in West Wyalong NSW and went to Red Bend College, Forbes and worked for a while before joining the Marist Brothers in 1963. Over the years he taught at Parkes, Northam, Subiaco, Mitchell Park, Wangaratta, Bendigo and Kilmore.   In 1983 Jim became a  member the Marist Retreat team for two years. While Superior at Bendigo in 1991 Jim first met Janet and her five children. He left the Brothers in 1995. 

"Despite the joy and intrinsic fulfilment from a life given to others, Jim was deeply torn at this time (1995). He had fallen deeply in love with a wonderful woman (Janet). ....  It was a huge, gut-wrenching, brave and courageous decision for Jim to leave the Marist Institute in September 1995. .... On 8 April 1996 Janet became Jim's wife, his lover, his companion, his best friend for the rest of his life, and in recent years his carer.  .....  The kids at Carroll College loved him. Jim continued to live the Marist charism ....  and played a key role in the retreats for senior students.  ....  Jim was an outstanding human being."  [ Michael Mitchell, Jim's Principal at Carroll College]
As an indication of how well respected and dearly loved Jim was, there were three other eulogies presented at Jim's funeral Mass at Moruya NSW on August 20th:
                                 Bernard Ryan - Jim's brother
                                Michael McMullen - Jim's brother in law
                                Gabrielle - Jim's niece
And a fourth eulogy by Paul Cullen, a colleague of Jim's from Carroll College, was sent to me by Janet, Jim's wife.
Those from Jim's Novitiate group (Drusilla 63) who attended his funeral at Moruya: Brother Peter Flynn, Leo Keegan and Maureen, Wolfgang Wilczek and Christa.

Vale Jim, and thank you from your Drusillian family. 
Our sincere condolences to Janet and the family.
Acknowledgements: Leo Keegan, Br Greg McCrystal, Wolfgang Wilczek,  Michael Mitchell.
Posted: August 2018


Drusilla 49 
Married to Bev
Died age 83 years
03/10/1934 - 21/04/2018

Diarmuid came to Macedon in 1949 from St Joseph's, East Brunswick and stayed for a couple of years.
He had a great sense of humour and enjoyed spinning yarns, and was a competent footballer and athlete, and in later years enjoyed playing golf.
After leaving Macedon he worked for Austral Wines initially, before joining the Victorian Police Force as a motor cyclist.
He played football with West Preston YCW winning three premierships along with John Quinlan (Drusilla 48) and John's brother Phil. He defeated Phil in a boxing championship at Puckapunyal while doing his National Service training. Around this time (1951), Phil and Diarmuid visited George Crowley (Drusilla 50) at Parkes, NSW.
Diarmund and Bev retired to Mulwala NSW (across the Murray River north of Yarrawonga) where he was happy improving his golf handicap and socializing with his mates.
"To sum up, Diarmuid was good company, a true friend with a wicked sense of humour." (John Quinlan).
Rest in peace Diarmuid. Condolences to your family from your Drusilla family.
Acknowledgement: information and top photo provided by his life long friend John Quinlan.
Posted: May 2018

Drusilla 51 
Married to Maureen
Five children Helen, Stephen, Damian, Pauline and Clare
ten grandchildren
Brian's family came from Wonthaggi, Victoria. He did his Juniorate training at Macedon from 1951 till 1953, then the Novitiate at Mittagong, NSW 1954 till 1955.
Brian left the Marists from Hawthorn in 1963, stepped into Lisson Grove, Hawthorn with a suitcase of clothes, a cheque for 100 pounds and a $20 note. His feeling of emptiness was indescribable, so he headed home to Wonthaggi.
Brian took up football umpiring to keep fit, continued with this association for 22 years, ending up as an umpires' recruiting officer and observer throughout Victoria.
From 1964 Brian worked in various positions as a clerk, technician, personnel officer and driver for nearly 30 years, including the chauffeur for the Vice Chancellor of Latrobe University.
He married Maureen Mary Murphy in January 1967, and settled into Watsonia and lived there for more than 40 years.
Without Brian's support the Drusillian association and the Macedon Reunions would not have survived as well as they have. Maureen continues to support the Reunions following Brian's death.
Vale Brian and thank you. 
{This is a replacement obituary, acknowledgement to Maureen Philp}
Posted November 2017


Drusilla 51
18 December 1937  ....   27 May 2010
Married to Margaret 1960
Six children and eleven grandchildren (April 2018)

Kevin came to Macedon from Bendigo in 1951 aged 14 years. He then did his Novitiate at Mittagong followed by 12 months scholasticate at Drummoyne NSW. This was followed by18 months teaching as a Marist at Brunswick, Warragul and Griffith.
He returned home and started Accountancy at night school and joined Myer Ballarat Pty Ltd in 1959. After  a time as Accountant and Company Secretary he spent eight years as Store Manager. In 1976 Kevin and Margaret purchased a Motel in Ballarat which they ran for five years.  They then leased the motel, and Kevin spent a number of years as a director of the Agricultural Society and Tourism for the Goldfields area. They returned to the Motel in 1991 and ran it for  another eight years then it was sold and Kevin retired in 1999.
Kevin enjoyed playing golf for forty years and with Margaret took up  lawn bowls. He got involved in the administration of the Bowls Club.
Kevin and Margaret became regular attenders at the Drusillian Reunions from the first one in 1980 until Kevin's death in 2010. Since then Margaret continued to attend the reunions up to and including the final one in Melbourne in 2018. They have attended 16 of the 21 reunions held.


This is a replacement obituary
Posted March 2018


Drusilla 51
Married to Lois
Three children Christopher, Susan, and Joanne and four granddaughters.
Kevin came to Macedon in 1951 from Assumption College, Kilmore where he was a champion athlete.
He left from the Novitiate in Macedon in 1955, and signed up for a career in Banking with the Commonwealth Bank where he served for 39 years. He was a Banker by trade and an Accountant by profession. He retired from banking in 1994. { read under Reflections and News #1 "Something about the Marists"}
Kevin and Lois (Dawson) married in 1965.
They enjoyed many wonderful holidays overseas in Europe and America, and also enjoyed immensely many places in Australia they visited.
They were staunch supporters and attendees of the Macedon Reunions, and since Kevin's death Lois has continued her association and attended all subsequent Reunions.
{This is a replacement obituary, acknowledgement Lois Lane}
Posted November 2017


Joan died peacefully at home on 8th March 2018. The beloved wife of Peter (Drusilla 51) and mother of Gabrielle (Gab), Rebecca (Bec) and Petrina (Trine), and grand mother of seven grand children.

Also sadly missed by her Drusilla 'family' having been with Peter a regular supporter of our association, and attended 11 of our Reunions, some of which Peter was very involved in as a member of the organising committee.

Rest in peace, Joan, and thank you.

Posted: March 2018




Drusilla 54


Son of James and Kathleen O'Brien
Born 6th June 1935 Sydney
Died 28th November 2011 in 58th year of his religious life
Requiem Mass at St Patrick's Church Kilmore.
Anthony came from a family farm near Warren, NSW. He attended boarding school at St Gregory's College, Campbelltown before entering the Juniorate at Mittagong in 1951.
Unlike most of his fellow Marists, Anthony did no teaching in classrooms but found his niche looking after farms (particularly dairies) and grounds maintenance  at Wangaratta, Mt Gambier and Macedon.
While at Macedon he was an active member of the Mt Macedon Country Fire Service (CFS). He was there at the time of Ash Wednesday bushfires in 1983 which devastated much of the township of Macedon and some renowned properties in Mt Macedon. Some lives were lost including fire-fighters.
He took great pride in his ability as a metal worker and welder, producing all kinds of interesting items. His nickname of 'Tex' originated from a famous cowboy Tex Morton.

Acknowledgement: Brother Peter Howes (Drusilla 54) supplied information for this replacement obituary notice.

Posted: March 2018

Funeral 16th August 2017

My personal tribute to Austin

Within a week of leaving the Mittagong Novitiate in 1955, I was teaching my first class at Marcellin College, Camberwell. Like others in my Novitiate group, there was no opportunity for me to do a Scholasticate or subsequently any tertiary study. In 1956 I was appointed to the community at Bendigo. Luckily Austin was also in that community and along with Brother John Hopgood (de Montfort) he saw to it that we commenced our teacher training by correspondence towards Teacher Registration with the Victorian Council of Public Education. After I left Bendigo at the end of 1957,  I don't remember doing any further 'study' towards this Registration. It wasn't until 15 years later in  1972 when I was teaching at Mount Gambier (my last full year as a Marist),  that Austin came to  rescue this situation when he was the  Province Coordinator of Schools. Finally ..... after 18 years of teaching I received personally from Austin at Mount Gambier my certificate of Registration as a Teacher dated 5 April 1972, Registration Number 31466. I was overjoyed and forever grateful to Austin for this. It also says something about Austin's tenacity and perseverance. Having instigated this course of action for me in 1956 he brought it to a happy conclusion in 1972.

Rest in peace Austin and thank you.

Acknowledgements: Brother John McMahon (Drusilla 64) ....  eulogy; Brother Greg McCrystal (Drusilla 50) .... funeral booklet 
Posted August 2017

formerly Brother Placid
passed away 30th November 2016
Married to Val
Greg went to St Vincent's Boys Home, Westmead before going to the Juniorate at Mittagong.
He was in the same LC class at Dominic Stuart and Xavier Collins,
and same Novitiate group as the first group of novices from Macedon in 1951.
There was no Scholasticate in 1952 as Drummoyne was being built,
so all the graduate Novices of that year went straight into schools.
Greg taught for a number of years before leaving the Brothers, and worked in Canberra.
He had the honour of becoming Malcolm Fraser's private secretary for most of the time he was Prime Minister.
Greg was a registered follower of the Drusilla blog and contributed regularly to it.
We are very grateful to Greg for this.
Rest in Peace Greg, and thank you.
Acknowledgement: Brother Kevin Hoare (Drusilla 48)
Posted: January 2016
Drusilla 58
Died at Molloy House, Campbelltown on 5th August 2016
Was born in Eugowra, NSW and attended Red Bend College, Forbes.
Spent most of his ministry years in regional and rural settings: Northam, Griffith, Leeton, Broken Hill, Kilmore, and more recently at Santa Teresa Mission and Thursday Island.
Funeral Arrangements for Laurie.
Friday 12 August, 2016
Funeral Mass: Chapel of the Annunciation, Campbelltown at 10.30am
Burial Service: Marist Brothers' Cemetery, Mittagong at 1.30pm

Thank you Laurie, and rest in peace.

Acknowledgements: Br Kevin Hoare (Drusilla 48) and Br Peter Carroll (Provincial)
Posted: August 2016

Brother Thomas (Oswald) Maher

died on 24th July 2016 in Melbourne.

Tom was born in Pakenham, VIC and  lived and worked across the breadth of the Melbourne Province.

He recently celebrated 70 years as a Marist Brother (July 2016).
He was the final Marist Principal of St Ildephonsus College, New Norcia.
One of the great 'warriors' for the Marist cause, and faithful follower of  St Marcellin Champagnat. 

Funeral arrangements for Brother Tom.

Thursday, 28th July 2016

Funeral Mass:         Marcellin College Chapel, Buleen .....  11.00am
Burial Service:       Kilmore Catholic Cemetery ......  2.30pm

Vale and now rest in Peace, Tom.

Acknowledgements: Brother Peter Carroll (Provincial) and Brother Kevin Hoare (Drusilla 48)

Posted: July 2016


Drusilla 54

Tony attended Assumption College, Kilmore at the same time as Brother Jack Skehan (Drusilla 58) who reports that he was a fine athlete, as were his older brothers Peter and Barry who held records at ACK that were never broken. Tony moved from Macedon to Champagnat College,Wangaratta when it became the Juniorate for the Melbourne Province in 1955.
Tony married Jeanette, and their two children are Glenn and Russell. He studied law at University but for health reasons was unable to complete the degree. He worked for a law firm in Melbourne

Died aged 78

Funeral held on Thursday 30th June at Heritage Funeral Home, Wantirna

Rest in peace, Tony, and thank you.

Acknowlegments: Brother Gerry Rush (Drusilla 52), Brother Jack Skehan (Drusilla 58), and Graeme Lawler (Drusilla 66)

Posted: July 2016

Ron Harding

Drusilla 48

Ron Harding as a Junior (Brian Flynn in background)

Ron was one of the original 11 Juniors of Macedon when it commenced in January 1948.
He went to school as a day boy at Assumption, was in the same class as Br Kevin Hoare, and Ron's father was the local policeman at Kilmore.
He was always a keen 'axeman'. At Macedon he used to keep his axe under his bed. Later on he became a professional axeman, and won competitions round Victoria.
In recent years he was a resident at Rangeview Nursing Home.

Deceased 10 June 2016 aged 81 years

Rest in peace, Ron, and thank you.

Acknowledgements:  John Quinlan (Drusilla 48), Br Kevin Hoare (Drusilla 48), Peter Lawler (Drusilla 51) and reference to Ryerson Index

Posted: July 2016

Eugene Lock
Formerly Brother Eugene

Aged 66 years
Drusilla 68
Married to Leonie

"Calm and peaceful
he is sleeping,
Sweetest rest that
follows pain,
We who love him
sadly miss him,
But trust in God
to meet again."
Funeral 28th April at Saint Paul's Catholic Church, Coburg, Melbourne.
Burial at Northern Memorial Park (north of Fawkner Cemetery).
Acknowledgement: Br Michael Herry (Drusilla 63 ) for this information about Eugene.

[posted April 2016]

Bernard Scott
Formerly Brother Edmundus Roger
17th December 1933-7th December 2014
Aged 80 years
Mittagong 47
{information courtesy Greg O'Regan (Canberra) - Mittagong 49}

Bernard Scott

Bernard came from Bendigo and was a brother of Vincent who died earlier this year (see below).
He entered the Juniorate at Mittagong in 1947, and was a member of 1950 LC class. He made his first vows on 2nd July 1952. He taught in several Marist schools (Parkes, Broken Hill and others) before leaving the Marists. Then he worked at farming and further teaching until his retirement.
Bernard married Anne, and they have a daughter Ursula and two sons Robert and Timothy.

The funeral service was held at St Luke's Church, Blackburn South.

Philip Anthony (Drusilla 54) wrote this about Bernard:
I used to see Scotty occasionally at Science teacher's meetings but (my wife) Jane and I got to know him much better through Anne whom we both knew when she taught at Ruyton Girls' school. I also knew her years ago when Anne was a nun and we were both helping run things for the Catholic Science Teachers' Association (in Victoria). Scotty was an absolutely unaffected and authentic eccentric. His teaching material was very very clever.

[posted December 2014]

Brother David (Harold) Blay
8th March 1940   -    7th August 2014
Aged 74 years
Drusilla 58
Son of Arnold and Dorothy Blay - both deceased and  a 'son' of Champagnat for 55 years.
His schooling was at Marist Brothers Technical College at Thebarton (SA); Wangaratta Juniorate 3rd February 1955; Macedon Novitiate 2nd January 1958.
A member of the various communities in NSW, Victoria, WA ,SA and Santa Teresa in NT. Was Principal at Parkes (NSW), Broken Hill (NSW), and Santa Teresa (NT)  Held the position of Province Community Affairs Bursar from 1996 till 2013.
 "We recognise and give thanks for David, a man of integrity, one who was disarmingly honest, a gentle and quiet achiever, a man of dignity and purpose and one who (in the words of Brother Benito a former Superior General), walked lightly but with a sense of urgency - a true Marist whose faithfulness nourishes us all.
We thank our loving God who made himself visible and available to us through our brother David. May his gentle spirit continue to sustain us."  {extract from David's funeral eulogy given by Brother Des Howard (Drusilla 63)}

Funeral from Sacred Heart College Chapel, Somerton on 15th August.

Vincent Edward 'Vin' Scott
14th November 1935  -  4th June 2014
Aged 78  years
Drusilla 49
Vin in favourite surroundings.

Vin was born in Bendigo on 14th November, 1935.
He was at the Macedon Juniorate (Drusilla) from 1949 till 1952. He went to Mittagong Novitiate in 1953 as a postulant, but left there before receiving the habit.
He was married to Frances in April 1959. They had six children, 13 grandchildren and one great grandchild.
Vin worked at a bakery and became the manager of the Castlemaine Branch. Later he was an inspector with the Egg Board.
He was keen on fishing and outback travel, and crossed the Simpson Desert twice.
Vin's funeral liturgy was held at St Kilian's Catholic Church in Bendigo on 12th June, and the interrment took place at the Bendigo Monumental Cemetery.

These Marist Brothers were present at his funeral: Brothers John Maybon, John Meehan,  Gerry Rush, Kevin Hoare, John Skehan, Gerard McNamara, Des Hornsby and Doug Walsh. Along with the following confreres from Drusilla: Mike Doherty and Pat, Peter Lawler and Joan, Jack Kelly, Ken Keating and Maureen, John Kelly and Meg, Brian Greaves, John Quinlan, Kevin Bodey. Apology from: Frank Green and Terry O'Brien.

Brian Monro (Drusilla 49) recalls: "The death of Vin Scott had me thinking back to that day in January 1949, when Vin, Bernie O'Connell and I boarded the midday train at Bendigo and travelled to Macedon railway station. From there we were taken all apprehensive and sitting in the back of the Marist Brothers' utility to the Juniorate into an unknown future. That evening we were gathered for mutual support at the one table in the refectory. Br Canice with admirable appreciation of our needs split us up for seating with other Juniors. And so began our Marist life".

Posted : 17th June 2014
Acknowledgements to the following contributors: Br Des Hornsby, Br Basil Hoare, Greg O'Regan, Brian Monro, and John Kelly.

Drusilla 51
Kenneth Leslie Bambridge

Born 2nd November 1935
Died 18th May 2013
Aged 77
60 years a Marist in July 2013
Maurie, from Adelaide in South Australia, was christened Kenneth Leslie Bambridge by his parents Leslie and Kathleen.  He died at the Alice Springs Hospital on Saturday evening 18th May 2013. Had been in nursing home care since 2010 prior to that.

Maurie was like the wandering minstral having taught in 12 different Marist schools, twice at Bendigo and Broken Hill where he was the Superior from May 1973 to 1975. But his very favourite spot would have to be Alice Springs. He first went there in 1979 where he did studies relating Aboriginal Apostolate. After a Second Novitiate in Fribourg in 1982, and being a member of the Marist Retreat Team from 1985 to 1987, and doing Social Welfare work from Fitzroy for three years, he eventually returned to Alice Springs in 1995. There he became involved in Aboriginal Yourth Work, the Library, bus driving etc until his retirement in 2010. After what seems a life long battle with diabetics and its inevitable side effects, he moved to 'Old Timers' Retirement Village in Alice Springs where he was well looked after by the attentive staff there until his death.
Maurie was a regular attendee at our Macedon Reunions, and when he could not attend because of his inability to travel was always an apology. His last attendance was at Mittagong Reunion in 2010 .  He is fondly remembered by all his Drusilla confreres, and was always leading in the singing of  those Macedon favourites we learnt in 1950s. "Polly Perkins" was one on his favourites.
Leading the chorus: Brian Greaves, Mike Doherty, Br Maurie (RIP), Brian Philp (RIP) - Mittagong 2010

Maurie's funeral was held on Friday 24th May 2013. The Liturgy was held at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish church Alice Springs, where the chief Celebrant was Bishop Eugene Hurley with five priests from Alice Springs and Santa Teresa. Then followed the internment at Santa Teresa Mission after a traditional aboriginal smoking ceremony of the coffin. He is buried adjacent to Brother Cletus Reed. Besides the local Marist communities from Alice Springs and Santa Teresa, Br Des Howard (Drusilla 63) and Br Rod Thomson  along with the Australian Provincial Br Jeff Crowe, Br Limbrado (Columbia)  and Brother Michael Green attended Maurie's requiem as did Cathy Ward (his niece).

{photo and information provided by Br David Blay,  Br Michael Green and Br Des Howard}
[posted June 2013]



Drusilla 53

Born 7th July 1926
Died 25th April 2013
Aged 86
A Marist Brother for 68 years
One of nature's gentlemen:
  •  always keen to serve the needs of others
  • a thoroughly prepared and organised teacher
  • a Principal who enjoyed overseeing good teaching and learning
  • one who never forgot to write for a special occasion
  • a well respected and loved teacher at Macedon 1953 and 1954
  • a regular supporter of Macedon Reunions with his attendance and his letters to those gathered
  • a man of regular prayer
At the Sacred Heart College Chapel, Somerton on 30th April 2013, the Mass of thanksgiving for Br Austin (Osmund's) life was celebrated. Chief celebrant was Monsignor Rob Egar assisted by Fathers George Nader and Sean McGirty with his Marist Brother colleagues, family and friends.
A good representation of confreres from Macedon Juniorate and Novitiate days (1948 till 1976) were present including the following: Brian Fitzgerald (Drusilla 50), Br Greg McCrystal (50), Mike Doherty (51), Terry O'Brien (49), Wolfgang Wilczek (63), Br Doug Walsh (52), Br Peter Howes (54), Br Eugene Dwyer (54), Br Jack Skehan (58), Br Justin Guthrie (60), Br Ambrose Reilly (54), Br Des Howard (63), Br Tony Caddy (70), Br David Christian (62), Br Patrick McInerney (56), Br Ken Preston (Mittagong 53), Br John Furlong (67) and Br David Blay (58). There were apologies from Archbishop Faulkner, Peter Williams (65), John Emery (51) and John Kelly (51).
The burial took place in the Marist Brothers' section of Centennial Park Cemetery.
Light refreshments were provided at Paringa Hall parlour of Sacred Heart College after the internment.
All those associated with Osmund at Macedon had the highest regard for him. He was an example to us all of a dedicated Marist Brother. Much loved by all who knew him. Thank you Osmund.
Ken Rolls (Drusilla 53) knew Osmund at Forbes around 1950's. He recalls that Fred Schepsi (Drusilla 53) a well respected Australian film producer of 'Devil's Playground' reknown saying:  Brother Osmund was the Brother for whom he had the greatest respect. Ken also added this quotation from Shakespeare (Osmund was our English teacher in those days).
"This was the noblest Roman (Catholic) of them all.
His life was gentle; and the elements
So mix'd in him that Nature might stand up
And say to all the world, This was a man!"

 [posted May 2013]

Drusilla 52
{photo courtesy Br Des Hornsby (Drusilla 69)
Born 11th March 1938
Died 3rd March 2013
Brother Leo died suddenly and unexpectedly on Sunday 3rd March 2013 at Netley, having just returned from a conference of Superiors at Mittagong. He was just a few days short of his 75th birthday, and was a faithful Marist Brother for 57 years.
He attended school at Sacred Heart College before entering the Juniorate at Macedon in 1952.
He taught in four states: WA, Victoria, NSW, and SA; was Principal  at Mitchell Park from 1972 till 1980 and at Traralgon from 1982 till 1988; and after studies in Gerontology in Boston USA, became Aged Care Coordinator from 1993 till 2013 - first at Bulleen, then at Netley. He was a dedicated carer of the aged Brothers, and a soul of kindness to all he met.
The funeral was held on Friday 8th March with a thanksgiving liturgy at Sacred Heart College Chapel and the interment in the Marist Brothers' section of the Centennial Park Cemetery, Pasadena, SA. Light refreshments followed back at SHC in the parlour of Paringa Hall. The eulogy was given by Brother Tony Caddy, and the homily by Father Bob Wilkinson. The chief celebrant at the litury was Father George Nader, assisted by Archbishop Leonard Faulkner, Father Phil Alstin, Mons Rob Egar and Father Joseph Lee.
[posted March 2013]



Born June 8 1921, Preston, Melbourne, Victoria
Died March 11 2012, Ballarat, Victoria

{ Information and photos courtesy Br Des Hornsby (Drusilla 65)}
William Edward Grogan  entered Marist Brothers' Novitiate at Mittagong in 1941. Brother Donald was  a Marist Brother of the Melbourne Province for 35 years. In that time (1959) he was appointed Provincial of the Province, and from 1965 till 1973 (9 years) was the Master of Novices at 'Drusilla' Macedon. He would therefore have had much influence on those who were novices during this time. He was also Principal at Broken Hill and Forbes.
After Macedon, he was granted leave to study for the priesthood and formally left the Brothers in 1978. He was ordained at Sacred Heart Church, Preston on June 22, 1979.
Father Bill Grogan died at Nazareth House, Ballarat on March 11, 2012 aged 90 years. Pontifical concelebrated Requiem Mass was celebrated at the Founding of the Holy Cross Church, Moyhu on Friday 16, 2012. The principal celebrant was Most Reverend Leslie Tomlinson DD, the new Bishop of Sandhurst.
The following Marists were present at Father Bill's funeral: Br Brendan Feehan (Drusilla 54), Br Tony Paterson, Br John Skehan (Drusilla 58), Br Justin Guthrie (Drusilla 60), and Br Peter Bourke (Drusilla 63). {This information provided by Br Gerry Rush (Drusilla 52)}

Husband John Emery (Drusilla 51)
Four children: Margaret, Kathy, Daniel and Michael
Grandchildren: Jahan, Lachlan, Owen and Adele
Mother-in-law: Jane and Marie
Renowned scholar and educator
A life well lived and cherished by all.
This is what the Lord asks of you,
only this,
to act justly,
to love tenderly,
and to walk humbly with your God. (Michah 6:8)

My Personal Tribute
Mary was a most dear friend and colleague. We worked together in 1980s in the Catholic Secondary Schools' Deputy Principals Association. I cherish the years we spent at the Adelaide Archdiocese Catholic Education Office, firstly in the Religious Education section, then in the Building and Planning section. Mary became the Chair of the Capital Grants Allocation Committee of which I was CEO. We have lost a priceless treasure, and a woman highly respected by all those whose paths she crossed during her sojourn with us. Sincere condolences to John and his family.
(Terry O'Brien Drusilla 49)

Vale Mary and thank you sincerely.
{This is a replacement obituary}
Posted December 2018



Drusilla 59

Born in the Western Australian goldfields at Wiluna 180 kilometres east of Meekathara. Son of Leonard Charles and Florence Bugg, both deceased. Brother of Philip (Drusilla 56), Neville (RIP), Mary, Ellis and Kathleen.

Raised in Bullfinch near Kalgoorlie and educated at St Ildephonsus College, New Norcia

Steve enetered the Juniorate at Wangaratta February 1957. Then completed his Novitiate at Macedon in 1959 and 1960. He did six months teaching at Bendigo in 1960, before commencing his Scholasticate and University studies at Dundas from 1961 to 1964.

He taught at Forbes and East Brunswick, before being appointed as Principal at the following Colleges: Bulleen (1974 - 1981); Somerton Park (1984 - 1992); and Churchlands (1993 - 2000). A visionary, energetic and student centred school Principal, a passionate leader who worked hard to achieve his vision. A people centred person, who mixed easily and made lasting friends.

During this period he was given the opportunity to do some professional development in Fribourg, Chicago, and Sangre de Cristo.

In 2001 he ventured to East Timor, Madang, and Honiaria until 2008 where he enjoyed the challenges of missionary and formation work.

In 2009 he returned to Templestowe where he was involved in Province work until 2011 when he embraced a new found challenge in chaplaincy work in Prisons and Youth Justice Ministry. He was very enthusiastic about this new ministry for him.

Br Stephen was a man gifted with practical spirituality, a person who knew his own mind and who willingly shared his gifts with others.
Steve died suddenly and unexpectedly on 14 January 2012 in 52nd year of his Religious Life, on the third anniversary of his mother's death in 2009, and during the gathering of the Marists from both Provinces at St Joseph's Hunters Hill.

Requiem Mass at Marcellin College Champagnat Chapel Bulleen: 20 January 2012.

Interred at Kilmore Cemetery.

[posted January 2012]

Editor's Note: Steve was very supportive of our Drusilla blog, and often sent messages of encouragement. He was a great personal friend and mate. I was fortunate to have had lunch with him and Br Des Howard (Drusilla 63) at Port Elliott the week before he died. In particular I remember his support and encouragement when he was Principal of Sacred Heart College, Somerton and I was at Mitchell Park.

Steve was able to attend a dinner at our reunion in September 2011, and his brother Philip (Drusilla 56) came with us on the coach trip to Kilmore and Macedon.
Information provided by John Kelly (Drusilla 51) and a great friend of Steve, Barbara Bretherton.

"When tomorrow starts without me,
and I'm not here to see,
If the sun should rise and find your
eyes filled with tears for me.
I wish so much you wouldn't cry,
The way you did today,
While thinking of the many things
We didn't get to say.
I know how much you love me,
As much as I love you,
And each time you think of me,
I know you'll miss me too.
When tomorrow starts without me,
don't think we're far apart,
for every time you think of me,
I'm right there in your heart."

In memory of TRAVIS IAN McLEOD
10.10.1979 - 19.1.2019
Your infectious smile, unique personality and loving nature to all
will be remembered always, Travis.
Rest in peace now.
Funeral 5th February, 2019
Posted: 8th February 2019