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Annals - Macedon:1948


{ It is presumed the original entries were written by Br Canice, what follows is as written - posted March 2011}

"The house and property were purchased in 1945. Br Andrew negotiated the sale. The price was 14,700 pounds. Previously the house belonged to the Grimwades - manufacturing chemicals. It was built in 1932 for between 30,000 pounds & 40,000 pounds. During the war the owners lived in the garage cottage because of the shortage of servants.
The area of land, buildings etc. are set out in the catalogue.
During the latter part of '45, all '46 and till July '47 various caretakers were in charge.
In July '47 Brs. Flavian and Eusebius came to prepare the place for a juniorate. They were told to prepare for '50.
Br Falvian made use of the many contacts he had during his work at S.J.C. and got crockery and other articles cheaply. He has installed an underground cement tank to collect roof water for drinking and kitchen purposes, as our stream is contaminated ..... up. He also built the outside back stairs and made arrangements for its roofing; started off the shower block and laundry before he was taken off to St Vincent's Hospital in January this year (1948).
Father Nowlan came two or three days each week and arranged for the people at the Golf House (Carey's) to transport the Brothers on Sunday to Macedon, Riddell, Gisborne etc for Mass.
Father O'Brien of Woodend also came to give the Brothers Holy Mass.
Father Nowlan was given 15 pound to meet the cost of petrol.
Br Eusebius did a lot of very useful work in the garden. The vegetables he grew were money-savers this year.
Br Canice and Br Boniface took up residence a week after Br Flavian had to go to hospital - Jan 20th 1948. Various priests who were holidaying at the Golf House said Mass during the first fortnight. The owners of the Golf House (Careys) took the Brothers to Mass in their car on Sundays.
The Juniors came in on Thursday Jan 29th. Brs. Placidus and Canice met them at the Macedon station and brought them out.
The first arrival was Terry Gleeson from Jindivi(c)k (Gippsland) by car. Others by car were Ron Harding (Kilmore) G Hornsby (Tempey). The boys by train were John Quinlan (East Brusnwick), John Hopgood from East Brusnwick (he was working a couple of years) Brian McGrath and David Edwards of Thebarton SA and Peter Alexanderson about a week later.
Several Pallotine Fathers (Father Kelly and Father Girke (rector) spent a weeks holiday and provided a chaplain. They refused any fee.
Fr. Walsh CSSR gave a three days retreat ending on Sat. March 5th, on the Sunday we walked to 11 o'clock Mass at Macedon on Monday we had no Mass.
Br Placidus tried all the orders for a chaplain. Finally the Salesians agreed to come 17 miles by truck from Sunbury each morning. They agreed to 3 pounds 10 shillings for petrol, chaplains fees and said they were losing at that price as the wear and tear was much greater. They were very generous and obliging at all times.
Mrs Feehan (aunt of Br Bertinus) allowed us the use of her pool for swimming.
On March 9th & 10th a frost burnt off potatoes in the bottom field.
The water in the lake is very low - just covers the valve inlet of the electric pump. A lot is being used on the lawns where Br Placidus has filled in a big hollow and planted new seed.
The water from the lake was escaping through the ram pipe although the ram was not working. The door had been left open.
March 17th A Sports day programme mainly novelty event.
March 24th Father Michael a Polish Priest had a brief holiday and gave us Holy Mass for a week. Carried out a few of the simpler ceremonies of Holy Week.
March 26th Br Placidus arrived for a few days.
March 28th Easter Sunday. Br Boniface gets early start and takes boys to Hanging Rock via the Hump. Home at 7.30.
March 30th Burning off the results of clean up on the island.
Wed 31st Back to school after Easter Break.
April 3rd Begin digging out site of cricket pitch. (paddock across View Rd.)
April 9th Plasterer arrives for shower block.
April 11th Father Lande PP of Gordon (14 mls from Ballarat) comes for a holiday and so relieve Chaplain situation.
Sat. 17th April Arrival of laboratory equipment.
Sun. 18th Dining room carpet packed off to "Ardmara" - Marcellin College Camberwell.
26th April Brunswich boys - about 40 - on a picnic.
30th April Tiler for shower block arrives.
May 1st Fr Lande reluctantly leaves.
May 4th Tiler finishes his part of the showers.
Tues 11th Term exams. Br Placidus brings Br Louis for a "look - see".
Wed 12th Les Hall and his men from Kilmore to fix wooden bridge. Practically rebuilt it.
Frid 14th Brs Silas and Fabius to help clean up for opening. Dig some potatoes.
Sat 15th Big influx of S.A. visitors - Brian McGrath's mother and Br Austin with his people.
Mon 17th Two South African juniors call in on way to Mittagong.
Tues 18th Brs Wilfred, Egbert, Desmond and Angus here to assist with cleaning up.
Thurs 20th Bridges painted. Calcamine and paint over the top - Les Hall idea. Job not too thorough done in a hurry for opening.
Sun 23rd Picnic near Syme's lake. Br Placidus accompanies Juniors.
24th Work in preparing for opening. Kilmore truck bringing in gravel from Bullengarook. Not enough gravel and too much sand.
29th Molly Ronalds and helpers decorate for opening.
30th May Official opening. Rain spoiled the day (Accounts in other book) 3 new juniors. (Kilmore 2 - B Hoare, Br Flynn. East Brun. K O'Connor.
June 1st Lots of potato digging. T Gleeson in Kyneton hospital with carbuncle.
Thurs. 10th Terry Gleeson comes back from hospital.
June 28th Br Damian on holiday. Brings truck. Now we can go to Mass each day.
July 26th Snow.
Aug. 15th More snow - celebrate Our Lady's Assumption with a banquet.
Aug. 16th Fr. Lyons (Columban) arrives for holiday. Good pianist. Much sing-song. Gives lecture on Chinese language.
Aug. 17th Term test exams.
Aug. 24th Heavy snow on Mt. Br Placidus and Br Boniface take boys up. Father Rowan CSSR starts retreat.
Sat. 28th Aug. Picnic in glacial valley on side road to Bacchus Marsh.
Sept 1st Altar rails arrive. Pig sent back to Kilmore - not enough scraps.
9th Sept Cow from Kilmore.
20th Sept. Br Clement (A.G.) comes from Kilmore with Br Placidus. Stay the night.
2nd Oct. Arrival of Fr. O'Callaghan
Oct. 24th Br Bernard brings party from Kilmore for afternoon. Give boys afternoon tea.
Thurs 28th Brs Silas and Flavius here for holiday. Br Flavius great service as chef.
Nov. 1st Picnic at Bullengarook.
7th Nov Go to "Christ the King" celebrations at Sunbury.
13th Nov. Plant potatoes.
Nov 22nd Proficiency Exam.
Thurs. 25th Salt paths with coarse salt.
Dec. 1st Inter starts.
Dec. 9th Put in more potatoes.
Dec 17th Depart for Camberwell. Scholastics arrive. Adam's (furthest cottage) painted out for classrooms. Laundry painted.


Ten of the Juniors travelled over and back in the Chev Ute with Brother Canice doing all the driving.

Back row: Peter Alexanderson, Brother Canice, Brian Flynn, John Quinlan, Terry Gleeson (partly hidden) David Edwards
Front Row: Ron Harding, Basil Hoare, Kevin O'Connor, John Hopgood, Brian McGrath

ON WAY BACK TO MACEDON (well rugged up for travelling in back of ute, no seat belts, only protection St Christopher medals!!)
Basil Hoare, Peter Alexanderson, Terry Gleeson, John Hopgood (partially hidden), Kevin O'Connor, Brother Canice, Brian McGrath, Ron Harding.


Corrections to above original:  Diarmuid Crandles and Bruce Piercy
Photos and information courtesy Brother Kevin Hoare (Drusilla 48)