Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2000,2003, 2005 Reunions

Sixth Reunion - 2000 - Drusilla

(photo courtesy Lois Lane)

From the Left: Br Terry Orrell, Brian Greaves, Br Kevin Hoare , Terry O'Brien, Kevin Irvin (RIP), Br John Meehan, John Kelly, Br Bruce Nabbs.

(photo courtesy Lois Lane)

From the Left: Kevin Lane (RIP),Brian Philp (RIP), Br John Meehan, Kevin Irvin (RIP), Kevin Bodey.


Seventh Reunion - 2003 - Drusilla

Last Reunion at Drusilla

Marj Hansen, Br Red Casey, Barry Hansen                                      Terry O'Brien, Tony Alonco, Des Tuck

Top Photo: Peter & Joan Lawler, Remo Bianco, Br Gerry Rush, Naomi Bianco
Bottom Photo: Mary Trainor,        , Br Anthony O'Brien, Kevin Trainor

John Kelly, Brian Philp, Terry O'Brien

Br John Meehan,    ,        ,

Top Photo: Br Justin Guthrie,     ,   Br Michael Herry
Bottom Photo: Karl Quinn, John Kelly, Br Doug Walsh, Br Greg McCrystal, Mich Brown,
Terry McDonald, Peter Lawler, Greg Parnham.

Top Photo: Val & John Hassett,  Joan Lawler
Bottom Photo: John Kelly, Terry O'Brien, Brian Greaves, Kevin Bodey, Ern Burrows

( Photo courtesy Lois Lane.)

What a great gathering of Macedonians - about eighty in this group. A little difficult to identify everyone. There were some absent from the photo.
It was a sad day in some respects - our last visit to our beloved 'alma mater', before it was sold to private enterprise.

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( Photo courtesy Lois Lane)

From the Left: Kevin Irvin (RIP), Phil Bugg, Br Doug Walsh, Des Tuck, Kevin Lane (RIP), John Quinlan, Kevin Bodey, Br Arthur Maybon, Br John Meehan, Barry Hansen, Br Red Casey.


Eighth Reunion  -  2005  - Adelaide

John & Mary Emery, Kevin Irvin, Maureen Philp, Pat Doherty, Margaret Irvin
Mike Doherty, Brian Philp

Standing: Kevin Trainor, Kevin Sykes, Barry Hansen, John Emery, Mike Doherty, John Kelly, Br John Meehan,
Brian Philp, Kevin Irvin, Terry O'Brien
Seated: Maureen Philp, Pat Doherty, Mary Emery, Margaret, Irvin, Mary Trainor

Barry Hansen, Br John Meehan, Kevin Sykes, Terry O'Brien, Mary & Kevin Trainor, John Kelly


Mike Doherty, Terry O'Brien, Barry Hansen, Kevin Irvin, Br John Meehan, Brian Philp