Monday, May 21, 2012

Drusilla - St Patrick's Day Sports and Concert

St Patrick's Day at the Juniorate 1948 - 1954 was a special day.
There was a full program of athletic and novelty events during the day followed by a concert in the Hall in the evening. The sports events were washed out in 1950, but 'tradition' was upheld so they were not contested that year.
Sports Champions - as recorded in the Annals.
Novelty day - no awards just competed for the heck of things.
Champion Team - captained by John Quinlan.
100 yards championship won by Terry Gleeson.
Washed out - no competition.
Senior champion - John Quinlan
16 years - Kevin O'Connor
15 years - Brian Fitzgerald
14 years - Mark Whitty
13 years - Peter Rawlings
Senior champion - Kevin O'Connor
16 years - Brian Fitzgerald
15 years - Greg Parnham
14 years - Terry Orrell
13 years - Peter O'Brien
Champion Team: Red (Tony Kennedy) 423 points; Green (John Maybon) 387 points; Gold (Bruce Piercy) 347 points.
Senior champion - Bruce Piercy
16 years - Greg Parnham
15 years - Kevin Lane
14 years - Des Tuck
13 years - Peter O'Brien
12 years - John Dini (only competitor)!
Champion Team: Green ( Terry McDonald) 466 points; Red ( Brian Fitzgerald) 408 points; Gold (John Kelly) 309 points.
Senior champion - Brain Fitzgerald
16 years - Terry McDonald
15 years - Des Tuck
14 years - Peter O'Brien
13 years - John Dini
Editor's Note: In 1951, there was a relay cross country from Drusilla to Memorial Cross and back (about 8 km). Only condition was that runners were not permitted to cross through private property. Brian Greaves (Drusilla 49) did his leg up and back in running spikes along the fairways of the local golf course - smart move!
Concerts (Cultural Pursuits) - as recorded in the annals
A Trio singing: Silent Night: Dermot Crandles, Terry O'Brien, and Harry Peck
A Solo by Harry Peck: Marseillaise
A Duet singing: Adeste Fideles: Malcolm Morrison, Brian Greaves
Another Duet: The Herald Kids and Sambo: Ron Harding and Peter Alexanderson
The Plays: The Mummy Knows and A Shadow Play
The Songs: Hail Glorious St Patrick; Killarney; The Rose of Tralee.
Duet singing: The Rose of Tralee: Brian Fitzgerald, Mick Brown.
A Solo by Terry O'Brien: Brahm's Lullaby.
Banjo Mandolin Solo by Ken Austin
A Solo by Richard Casey: Au clair de la lune and Sur le pont d'Avignon.
Duet singing: Galway Bay: Malcolm Morrison, Brain Fitzgerald.
Leaving and Matriculation Choir: MacNamara's Band; To our musical club; Campdown Races.
The Plays:
A Radio Play by Terry Gleeson, Brian Flynn, Brian Monro and Brian Greaves.
A Shadow Play by Terry Gleeson, Brian Greaves and Kevin O'Connor.
A Sketch by Peter Alexanderson, Kevin Kyne, Dermot Crandles and Malcolm Morrison
The Songs:
Hail Glorious St Patrick
A Little bit of Heaven
Mother Macree
Little Town in the old County Down
Believe me if all those endearing young charms.
Solo by Kevin Lane singing: Oh What a Beautiful Day
Recitation by Les Claridge
Solos by:
Brian Fitzgerald singing: Sweet and Low
Brian Greaves singing: Black Sheep
Peter Alexanderson singing: Juanita
A select choir: Brian Fitzgerald, Dermot Crandles,Ken Bambridge, Brian Greaves, Peter Lawler, Kevin Lane and Terry O'Brien
All through the Night
The Harp that Once
Special Items:
The Magician by John Crowe
A Dent by Mark Whitty, Ken Austin, and Dean Curtis
The Songs:
Mother Macree
Ye Banks and Braes of Bonny Doon
The Plays:
The Man in the Bowler Hat: Intermediate class
A Fruity Merlodrama: 1st and 2nd Years
Scenes from Macbeth: Leaving
Cinderella: Matriculation
A novelty item by Tony Kennedy: Mandrake the Magician