Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2006,2007,2008 Reunions

Nineth Reunion - 2006 - Canberra

Tom Lawlor, Barry Hansen
Teryy O'Brien with Mike Dohert's daughters
Jenny O'Brien (hidden), Maureen Philp, Br John Meehan

Hilda Lawlor, Meg Kelly
Marj Hansen, Remo and Naomi Bianco, Jenny O'Brien
Kevin Lane, John Emery, Mike Doherty

Peter Lawler, Brian Philp

Joan Lawler, Mary Emery, Mike Doherty, Peter Lawler

A selection of small group photos - no full group photo available.
Our generous hosts were the Doherty Family.

Our Hosts: Pat and Mike Doherty

About thirty attended this reunion. Vigil Mass on Saturday at Marist College chapel followed by dinner at Southern Cross Club. BBQ lunch on Sunday.

Tenth Reunion - 2007 - Sunshine Coast

Br Julian Quinlan, Brian Philp

Margaret Irvin, Jenny O'Brien, Marj Hansen

Br Red Casey, Greg Parnham, Mike Doherty

John Kelly, Peter Lawler,

Jan and Brian Greaves

Eleanor Parnham (centre), Michael and Jenne Pereira

Bernadette and John Quinlan

Joan and Peter Lawler

Christine Rolls, Meg Kelly

Marj and Barry Hansen

Brian, Clare and Maureen Philp

Ken and Christine Rolls

Maureen Philp, Lois Lane

Kevin and Lois Lane
Margaret and Kevin Irvin

Mike and Pat Doherty

Caloundra Chorus: Kevin Lane, Brian Philp, Terry O'Brien, Brian Greaves

(Photo courtesy Lois Lane)
Ready for a great excursion to the Sunshine coast hinterland.
Very Front: Peter Lawler, Mike Doherty
From the Left: Bernadette Dowdell (Quinlan), Terry O'Brien, John Quinlan, Br Julian (Sydney), Barry Hansen, Greg Parnham, Marj Hansen, Jenny O'Brien, Kevin Irvin (RIP) and Margaret, Joan Lawler, Br Redmond, Lois and Kevin Lane, Christine and Ken Rolls, Jeane, Pat Doherty, and Michael.
Absent for this photo: Eleanor and Monique Parnham, Brian and Maureen Philp, John and Meg Kelly, Brian and Jan Greaves.

Our hosts were the Parnham family. They did a superb job and were very gracious hosts. Activities during the three days also included a boat cruise of Pelican Waters; another bus tour of Caloundra and Noosa districts; the reunion dinner; and finally, at the Parnham's beautiful home, a home mass (including the singing 'cum laude' of the Salve Regina and the Sub Tuum) followed by a BBQ meal. Twenty-nine attended this reunion. There were eleven apologies received.
It was like a great holiday!

Eleventh Reunion - 2008 - Leeton

{selection of photos courtesy Brian Philp (RIP) - Drusilla 51}

[Photo courtesy John Kelly (Drusilla 51)] ..
Back Row: Maureen Keating, Ken Keating, Les Jones, Frank Loughland, Tom Lawlor, Brian Philp (RIP), John Kelly, Marj Hansen, Meg Kelly, Ken Rolls
Middle Row: Bev Jones, Louris Loughland, Joan Lawler, Hilda Lawlor, Maureen Philp, Pat Doherty, Christine Rolls
Front Row: Mike Doherty, Mich Brown, Peter Lawler, Barry Hansen, Br Maurie Quinlan (Sydney)
Not present for photo: Br Bertinus, Br Aiden, Br Doug Walsh, Br Eugene Dwyer, Br Justin Guthrie, Br Peter Bourke, Brian and Jan Greaves.

Macedon Reunions
Over the years since 1980 when the first one was held, the bulk of the organisation has fallen into the hands of John Kelly (Drusilla 51) and Brian Philp - RIP (Drusilla 51). Doug Walsh (Drusilla 52) was also involved in some of the very early ones.
The Marist Brothers have always provided encouragement and support for these reunions, and many of the Brothers have attended them. This is remarkable in that it is not generally acceptable for former aspirants of religious orders who since have returned to secular life to gather in this way.
At first it was decided to hold them every Olympic year - which made it easier to remember. But as the members of the group advanced in years they have become more frequent since 2003. This year was the last reunion held at Drusilla as it was sold to private enterprise towards the end of that year.
Reunions since then have been held further afield and were hosted by a local member as indicated below.

The following are details of the thirteen reunions held to date:

1st: 1980 - Drusilla - September

2nd: 1984 - Kilmore - September at Assumption College

3rd: 1988 - Drusilla - 24 and 25 September

4th: 1992 - Drusilla - 3 and 4 October

5th: 1996 - Drusilla - 5 and 6 October

6th: 2000 - Drusilla -23 and 24 September

7th: 2003 - Drusilla - 8 and 9 November

8th: 2005 - Adelaide - 16 and 17 April at Sacred Heart College hosted byTerry O'Brien (Drusilla 49)

9th: 2006 - Canberra - 22 and 23 April hosted by Mike Doherty (Drusilla 51) and Pat.

10th: 2007 - Sunshine Coast - 15 till 17 May hosted by Greg Parnham (Drusilla 52) and Eleanor.

11th: 2008 - Leeton - 30 September till 2 October at St Francis de Sales College, organised by John Kelly, Brian Philp and Barry Hansen (all Drusilla 51). Thanks to Jim and Sue Kidman of Leeton for their assistance.
12th: 2010 - Mittagong - 13 April till 16 April at the Hermitage (old Novitiate), organised by John Kelly, Brian Philp and Barry Hansen (all Drusilla 51).
[See full report of this reunion under separate post " 2010 Reunion"]..

13th : 2011 - Templestowe - 27 September till 30th September at Holy Cross Centre (Passionists)
[See full report of this reunion under separate post "2011 Reunion"]

Other Reunions

In 1990 on November 6th (Melbourne Cup Day) a local reunion was held in Kilmore at the Royal Oak Hotel, organised by Brian Greaves (Drusilla 49) and John Kelly (Drusilla 51). After the pub they adjourned to Kelly's place in Lumsden Street Kilmore.
In 1996 on July 5th a local reunion was held in Adelaide hosted by Ray Burns (Drusilla 50) at his hotel on Port Road.
And some of the 1954 Novitiate group attended a 50th Anniversary gathering at "The Hermitage" at Mittagong in 2004.