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Novitiate Roll-Call 1955 till 1976

The Novitiate...

was a further period of discernment for aspirants to the Marist Order following the Juniorate. It was a period in which they became more immersed in the life of a religious. Study focussed on becoming familiar with the rules and constitutions of the Marist Order, and a deeper understanding of Catholic Doctrine, Scripture, and the spirituality of the Order's founder St Marcellin Champagnat. Prayer life was an important aspect of the daily routine, and in these years silence was maintained at all times except for recreation periods and sport. It was in fact a very contemplative life style.

After a period of six months the aspirants were invited to dress in the religious habit of the Marist Brothers and were given a religious name and the title Brother. Following a further twelve months of study and contemplation they were invited to take the first vows of poverty, chastity and obedience in keeping with the rules and constitutions of the Marist Order.

Prior to 1954 aspirants went to the Novitiate at Mittagong in NSW. The last group (1954 Group - 13) to go to Mittagong from Macedon were: Mike Doherty, Frank Green, Barry Hansen, Kevin Irvin (RIP), Ken Keating, Jack Kelly (RIP), Tony Kennedy, John Maybon, John Meehan, Terry O'Brien, Brian Philp (RIP), Bruce Piercy (RIP) and Ken Rolls.


Mittagong Groups prior to 1954 Group

(information provided by Brian Philp (Drusilla 51) subject to any further amendments or corrections you might have).


1953 Group - 11:

Kevin Agnew (RIP), Ken Bainbridge (RIP), Gavin Bolger (RIP), Tom Earnshaw, Pat Hewitson (RIP), Tony Kelly, Bill McCarthy, Malcolm Morrison, Christopher O'Brien - Bowral (RIP),Kevin O'Connor, Ken Preston.
1952 Group - 12:

Peter Alexanderson, Kevin Bodey (RIP), Redmond Casey, John Emery, Nello Facci, Brian Greaves, John Hopgood (RIP), Kevin Kyne (RIP), Brian Monro, Bede Naulty(RIP), Chris Peterson (RIP), John Quinlan.

1951 Group - 6:

John Della (RIP), Brian Flynn, Terry Gleeson (RIP), Basil Hoare, Brian McGrath(RIP), Gerald Smith.

Novices at Mittagong 1951 till 1954: 42

Novices at Drusilla

Pre-1964 (11):

Remo Bianco, Frank Hanrahan, Brian Keating, Tony Kelly, Tom Lawlor, Errol Lovett, Mark O'Meara, Kevin Pentland, John Reardon, John Sullivan, Tony Welch (RIP),

1955 (13):

Michael Brown, John Buck, Michael Dowd, John F Kelly, Kevin Lane (RIP), Peter Lawler, Brian McCrystal, Terry McDonald, Gerard McNamara, Bruce Nabbs, Greg Parnham, Karl Quinn (RIP), Peter Walsh
[Information courtesy Peter Lawler - Drusilla 51 ]

1956 (9):

Philip Bugg, Robert Casey, John Emery, Les Jones, Luke Kavanagh (RIP), Kevin Langley, Kevin Mackin (RIP), John McInerney, James Reilly.
[Information courtesy Les Jones - Drusilla 52 ]

1957 (10):

 Ron Campbell, Bill Donovan, Kevin Dygan, Peter Eglington, Peter Giles, Keith McDonald, Peter Morelini, Terry Orrell, Robert Stanley, John Terry (RIP).
[Information courtesy Les Jones - Drusilla 52]

1958 ( 15 ):

David Blay(RIP), Bevan Carter, Eugene Dwyer (RIP), Peter Howes, Bill Jolley, Francis Moran, Greg Shiel, Terry Shiel (RIP), John Skehan, Laurence Toohey (RIP), Des Tuck, Michael Rush, John Ryan (RIP), Barry White, Barry Wirrick.
[Information courtesy Br David Blay - Drusilla 58]

1959 (11):

Peter Baker, Stephen Bugg (RIP), Bill Burns, Michael Fitzgerald, John Gallagher, Michael Kennedy, Brendan O'Donahhue, Des Pauley, Brendan vort Ronald, Frank Williams, Dominic Williams.
[Information courtesy Br David Blay - Drusilla 58]

1960 (18):

 Cyril Brown, M J Butler, John Cooke, Geoff Colvin, Adrian Duryea (RIP), John Emmett, Ken Guthrie, Joseph Hughes, Ross Keane, Ambrose Kelly, Bryan Leak, Paul McLaughlin (RIP), Neville McManus (RIP), Bernie Newmann, Roger Riordan (RIP), John Sullivan, Chris Twomey (RIP), Joe Weygood.
[information courtesy Br Gerry Rush - Drusilla 52]

1961 (14):

John Braniff, Trevor Byrne, Neville Colvin, Roger Deland, Terry Dwyer, Jonathan Flaherty(RIP), Michael Gerrard, Keith Hunter, John Needham (RIP), Evan O'Halloran (RIP), Sam Paglia, Tom Scally, Alan Swingler, William Venables (RIP).
[information courtesy Br Gerry Rush - Drusilla 52]

1962 ( 9):

David Christian, David Conway, Brian Edwards, Peter Guile, Robert Morton (RIP), Mark Needham, Michael O'Donohoue, Frank Owen, Vin Ryan (RIP).
[information courtesy Br Gerry Rush - Drusilla 52]

1963 (14):

Peter Bourke, Peter Flynn, Michael Herry, John Horgan, Des Howard, Leo Keegan, Paul Nieuwenhuizen, Francis Nugent (RIP), Seamus O'Grady,Tony O'Meara, Jim Ryan (RIP), Kevin Sykes, Wolfgang Wilczek, Michael Yarrenchuck.
[Information courtesy Br Michael Herry - Drusilla 63]

1964 (11):

John Crosbie, Greg Clune, Terry Earl, Bernard Halpin (RIP), Ed Harken, Edward Havelock, Mick Heenan, John McMahon, Reg McManus, Chris Pattison, Laurie Power,
[Information courtesy Ed Harken - Drusilla 64]

1965 (14):

Tony D'Assumpcao, Alan Ferguson (RIP), Paul Hardy, Max Hubble, Jim Jolley, Terry Lawler, Geoff Marshall (RIP), Anthony O'Connell, Bernie Riley, Kevin Trainor(RIP), Terry Treelfell, Richard Wenzel, Damian White (RIP), Peter Williams.

1966 (15):

John Alcoe, Peter Cassidy, Peter Dalwood, Michael Gallagher, John Goodfellow, Graeme Lawlor, Frank McIntosh, Mich McManus, Peter McManus, Max Middleton, Paul O'Brien, John Portwood, John Reardon (RIP - 2009), Allan Sherry, Peter Walsh.

1967 (16):

John Brandenburg, Matt Clarke, Dennis Cooper, Renus Dortmans (RIP), Phil Dowling, Peter Duck, John Furlong, Dennis Gapper (RIP), Peter Hornidge, Nick McBeath (RIP), Ray McNaughton, Chris O'Brien, Kevin Pattison, Harry Prout, George Reed, Gerard Toohey.

1968 (10):

Laurie Brick, Peter Duffy, Dennis Higgins, Eugene Lock (RIP), Ed Murphy, Peter Schneider, Bernie Schultz, Albert Van Berkel, Fons Van Rooij, Pat Woods.

1969 (5):

Kevin Bourke, Tim Erickson, Phil Hollingworth, Adrian Mitchell, Ernie Rijs.

1970 (16):

Ian Breen, Tony Caddy, Adrian Commadeur. Neil Donahoo, John Dyson, Frank Ferguson, Paul Gilchrist, Michael Hessian, Dan Kennelly, Stephen Marsh, Paul Mulroney, Fr Gabriel Murray, Michael O'Mahoney, Michael Pattison, Chris Stock, Michael Suidgeest.

1971 (11):

John Canning, John Creasey, John Davidson, Peter Devery, Michael Gorman, Tibor Horvath, Peter Jones, Paul Kane, Max Mayes, Paul McCormick, Michael Ross.

1972 (7):

Ian Bulkin, Matthew Highet(RIP), Chris McBeath, Kevin McNamara, Mark Moriarty, Adrian Pett, Peter Van Eeken.

1973 (4):

Dan Crouch, Neil Mitchell, Paul Murphy, John O'Brien.


none listed.

1975 (8):

Terry Bowman (RIP), Greg Boylan, Jim Burke, Brian Kinsella, Peter Leunig, Mark O'Connor, Willi Siepmann, Joe Smith.

1976 (5):

Peter Evans, Michael Kane (RIP), Mick Sexton, Martin Stock, Declan Tanham.


TOTAL ROLL-CALL "Drusilla" Novices: 247