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Novitiate Staff Members 1955 till 1976

Br Nilus Kenny
1 year at Juniorate 1949
13 years at Novitiate 1955 till 1964 and 1970 till 1973

Died in 1999.

Br Nilus was originally buried at Drusilla with 14 other Brothers and Fr Tim O'Callaghan. Before the sale of Drusilla was finalised in 2003 all their remains were re-interred at the Brothers' Cemetery at Kilmore except for Br Nilus's remains which were re-interred at the Macedon town cemetery.

Brother's Name ( Years  of  Service) - Year Started

Albertus Sellenger (1) - 1973 (RIP)
Anastasius Moran (8) - 1955 (RIP)
Bernard McGann (10) - 1955 (RIP)
Bill McCarthy (2) - 1974
Boniface Kivlighon (1) - 1958 (RIP)
Brendan Hill (7) - 1956 (RIP)
Christopher Martin (3) - 1962 (RIP)
Clem Terry (1) - 1976 (RIP)
Des Hornsby (1) - 1969
Donald Grogan (9) - 1965 (RIP)
Finan Hughan (3) - 1966 (RIP)
Kieran Hogan (4) - 1961 (RIP)
Nilus Kenny (13) - 1955 (RIP)
Noel Hickey (3) - 1974


Elegy in a Country Graveyard.

[this is an abridged version of some reflections by Brian Monro (Drusilla 49) after visiting the Marist Brothers' section within the Kilmore Cemetery, published in Online Catholics.]

It wasn't so easy to be a Religious in the 20th century.

In long rows in a small country cemetery lie the neat graves of many Marist Brothers. I walked slowly among them, pausing to read the headstones, reflecting on the personal stories they told and the memories they evoked for one who had known so many of the Brothers buried there.

Here was the first burial I had ever witnessed after my mother's. As a 14 year old I watched the furneral of my superb Maths teacher who had tragically drowned on the eve of the annual retreat. Nothing I would learn later as a teacher exceeded his classroom management skills.

Another inscription had me remembering the encouragement my English teacher gave me .....

I treasure our converstation and correspondence over many years, especially his last words shortly before he died.

I paused a little longer at one name. We had grated on each's sensibilities, with no rapport ever established even as adults...... For my part I detested his caustic tongue and biting wit. Only much later did I come to know the daily pain his broken body caused him. And I never forgot the logic and relevance of his regular religious instruction lessons.

All buried there would want no hagiography to eulogise them. They were not saints but practical commonsense men who had fought the good fight until the end....

But most found their biggest battle with the changing times..... In the prime of their Religious lives and teaching careers they found themselves deskilled by change over which they had no control.

So often they ended their lives as old men seeking a Mission outside the classroom and even sometimes outside their country in ways they could never have imagined.

By this time I had seen and reflected on every grave. Rest in peace with the Lord: Remigius, Marcellin, Methodius, Sylvester and all the other Marist Brothers who lie in the Kilmore cemetery.

Brothers in life you were; brothers in death you remain.