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Juniorates: Macedon, Wangaratta, East Bendigo



1948 till 1954

"'DRUSILLA" 1951 (photo courtesy Peter Lawler - Drusilla 51)



Br Canice (George Robert O'Donnell)
born February 13, 1915,
died March 15, 2006.
1948: Canice O'Donnell, Boniface Kivlighon, Louis Flavian Scharpf.
1949: Canice O'Donnell, Nilus Kenny, Ludovic Bourke, Anastasius Moran.
1950: Canice O'Donnell, Ludovic Bourke, Methodius Murphy, Vincent Smith
1951: Canice O'Donnell, Ludovic Bourke, Methodius Murphy, Kevin Hogan (Callixtus)
1952: Canice O'Donnell, Ludovic Bourke, Kevin Hogan (Callixtus), Noel Hickey (Jerome)
1953: Canice O'Donnell, Noel Hickey (Jerome), Austin Redden (Osmund), Terry Gleeson (Ernest), Roger Reidy.
1954: Brendan Feehan (Bertinus), Noel Hickey (Jerome), Austin Redden (Osmund), Leo Hurley (Augustine).



Champagnat College

1955 till 1969

CHAMPAGNAT COLLEGE, WANGARATTA (photo courtesy Leo Keegan )





 {including one year at Macedon 1954)




Br Conrad , Br Prosper, Br Jerome (see below), Br Columbanus, Br Killian, Br Dominic Stewart
(Photo courtesy Leo Keegan)
Other staff members at Wangaratta including:

                    Brother Alphonsus (Mick Brown)
                    Brother Augustine (Leo Hurley) (RIP)
                    Brother Boniface (RIP)
                    Brother Brian Beggs (RIP)
                    Brother Felix (Des Connolly)
                    Brother Jerome (Noel Hickey): one year at Macedon 1954, then 1955 and 1958-60
                    Brother Ken Harris (RIP)
                    Brother Gordan Heinrich (RIP)
                    Brother Methodius (RIP)
                    Brother Anthony O'Brien (RIP)
                     Brother Oliver (RIP)
                    Brother Osmund (Austin Redden) (RIP)
                     Brother Prosper (RIP)
                    Brother Jim Ryan (RIP)_


1962 Juniors


Back Row: Tony O'Connell, (   ), Ray O'Halloran, Bernard Riley, Leo Keegan, Geoff Marshall, Chris Paterson, Kevin Trainor,  Michael Reardon, Jack Goodfellow
Middle Row: Peter Hicks, Tony O'Meara, Des Howard, Eddie Harken, John Crosby, Wolfgang Wilczek, Reg McManus,  Steve ?, Eddie Havelock, Mick Heenan, Noel ?
Front Row: John Horgan, (?),  Kevin Sykes, Peter McManus, Paul Nieuwenhuizen, Michael Jaremcsuk, Bernie Halpin,  Michael McManus, Lenny Carroll, JohncElhinney
( photo courtesy Leo Keegan)

 ( Juniors in red - click on photo to enlarge courtesy Leo Keegan)

 Juniors at Wangaratta including:

                   John Black                                             Peter Bourke                  
                   David Conway
                  Terry Dwyer (1956 till 1960)                 John Horgan                   
                   Des Howard (1957 till 1962)
                   Joseph Hughes (1955 - 1959)                Michael Jaremczuk         
                   Ross Keane
                  Leo Keegan (1960 till 1962)                   Kevin Mackin                
                  John McElhinney
                  Neville McManus (RIP)                         John Needham (RIP)              
                  Paul Niewenhuisen
                  Evan O'Halloran                                     Tony O'Meara                  
                  Terry Orrell
                  Chris Paterson                                         Vin Ryan                                               
                   Tom Scully
                   Kevin Sykes                                           Wolfgang Wilczek

"In 1957 we were close to 70 Juniors in a total roll call of 300 students ranging from Grade 5 to Matric (Day students, Boarders, Juniors). In my final year (1962) we were 34 Juniors." (Br Des Howard - Drusilla 63)

There is a Powerpoint presentation prepared for the 2013 Wangaratta Reunion available, courtesy Leo Keegan (Drusilla 63). If you would like a copy let me know. Terry



1970 till  1973




Other staff members at East Bendigo
                                  Brother Des Howard - 1970 and 1971
                                  Brother Michael McManus - 1972
Juniors at East Bendigo including:

                                Mark O'Connor
If you were a Junior at East Bendigo - let me know so that we can include your name here
"In 1955, a couple of days before my 13th birthday, I embarked on my quest to become a Marist Brother. No doubt you are horrified by my leaving home so early but it was common practice in those days for boys to start their training at a very young age so they could gradually discover what was involved in becoming a Marist Brothers. This practice was discontinued in the 70's when Juniors were moved to Bendigo and, eventually, the Juniorate was closed down altogether" (Brother Joseph Hughes)

"In 1970 the Juniorate was moved to a hostel model in East Bendigo, catering for 15 Juniors from Years 11 and 12. It was purpose built and rather attractive (Ranch style). Br Kevin Machin was the Director and I (Br Des Howard) his assistant. Each day we would drive/walk to MBC Bendigo (about a 20 minutes walk), where the Juniors attended classes while Kev and I were on the teaching staff. In our first year we had 12 Juniors, mostly from Wangaratta but three came directly from other schools ... not completely sure of this. 
The East Bendigo Juniorate closed at the end of 1973. Dwindling numbers made it almost impossible to survive." (Brother Des Howard)
After East Bendigo Juniorate was closed, the Melbourne Province decided that it would no longer take Juniors. Aspirants to the order would be accepted into the Postulancy at the end of their schooling. In 1975, Brother Ralph (Geoff Colvin) was appointed Superior to the Postulants living as a family in a house at Hawthorn, Victoria. Then at the end of that year, Brother Cletus, the Provincial, appointed Leo Keegan to assist Brother Ralph for 1976. The Postulancy house was then closed.
Acknowledgements: Brother Greg (Brian) McCrystal (Drusilla 50); Brother Noel (Jerome) Hickey (Drusilla 54); Terry Dwyer (Drusilla 61); Brother Joseph Hughes (Drusilla 60); Leo Keegan (Drusilla 63); Brother Des Howard (Drusilla 63), Brother Tony Paterson - Province Archivist.
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  • " Planning and Foundation of Wangaratta 1955" : courtesy Brother Julian Casey (Drusilla 50)
  • "Wangaratta Juniorate in 1950's" : courtesy Brother Joseph Hughes (Drusilla 60)
  • "Kindness, Thoughtfulness and Understanding of Brother Cletus Reed": courtesy Leo Keegan (Drusilla 63)

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