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2010 Reunion - Mittagong

APRIL 2010
Back Row: Mike Doherty, Ken Rolls, Tony Alonco, Les Jones, Peter Lawler, Tom Lawlor, John Kunde, Terry McDonald, Brian Philp (RIP), Ken Keating, Terry O'Brien, John Kelly
Front Row: Brian Greaves, Br Red, Br Michael, Kevin Irvin (RIP), Br Maurie, Br Doug, Barry Hansen
[photo courtesy Jenny O'Brien]

Reunion Group including wives and Mons John Murphy back left
[photo courtesy Paula]

Dining Room Entrance
[photo courtesy Brian Monro]

Bus Trip: Marj Jansen, Peter & Joan Lawler, Bev Jones, Kevin Irvin (RIP), Lois Lane, Les Jones
[photo courtesy Terry O'Brien]

Lunch: Brian Greaves, Tom & Hilda Lawlor, Pat Doherty
[photo courtesy Jenny O'Brien]

Lunch: Tony Alonco, Bev & Les Jones, Therese Alonco
[photo courtesy Jenny O'Brien]

Lunch: Brian Philp (RIP), Br Doug, Br Red
[photo courtesy Jenny O'Brien]

Lunch: Kevin (RIP) & Margaret Irvin, Maureen Philp
[photo courtesy Jenny O'Brien]

Lunch: Ken & Maureen Keating, Lois Lane
[photo courtesy Jenny O'Brien]
Fitzroy Falls: Ken Keating, Terry O'Brien, Br Michael, Br Julian, John Kunde, Jenny O'Brien, Maureen Keating, Joan Lawler.
[photo courtesy Maureen Philp]

Chapel of Visitation
[photo courtesy Jenny O'Brien]

Blessed Sacrament Chapel
[photo courtesy Jenny O'Brien]

Celebrating Eucharist in Chapel of Visitation
[photo courtesy Maureen Philp]

Lead Singers: Brian Greaves, Mike Doherty, Br Maurie, Brian Philp (RIP)
[photo courtesy Jenny O'Brien]

VENUE: "The Hermitage", Marist Brothers Centre, Bong Bong Road, Mittagong.
DATES: (pm) Tuesday April 13 to (am) Friday April 16, 2010.
Program:Tuesday, 13th April [pm]

  • Arrival
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Welcome and Evening Meal
Wednesday, 14th April
  • Breakfast
  • Bus Trip - Robertson Tree Top Walk
  • Lunch- Fitzroy Falls and walks
  • Traditional Mass
  • Evening Meal
Thursday, 15th April

  • Breakfast
  • Free Day to explore district
  • Evening Meal
Friday, 16th April [am]
  • Breakfast
  • Departure
Thirty-six attended this reunion, including Brothers Maurie Bambridge, Red Casey, Gerard Rush, Doug Walsh, Julian Quinlan (Sydney Province), and Monsignor John Murphy (brother of Maureen Philp). It was lovely that Lois Lane, wife of Kevin Lane (RIP), also attended. Twenty-three apologies were received.
We were accommodated in the newly constructed and refurbished conference centre which is at the Novitiate site where some of us did our training. Our meals were served in the dining room that we were familar with back in the 1950's. The catering was of a high quality - no 'corbona' (sic). It was after the meal each evening that we got the chance to chat at length and reminisce. On the last evening the songs we had learnt at Macedon were sung with gusto - led by Mike Doherty, Brian Greaves, Brian Philp (RIP) and Br Maurie.
Br Austin Redden (Osmund to those he taught at Macedon and Wangaratta) now aged eighty-three, sent a letter of greeting and reflection to those gathered for the reunion. It was a delight to receive it and was avidly read by all who know him, and some that didn't. His familiar copy book hand writing has not changed a lot in all those years.
On Wednesday 14th we were treated to a bus trip through the spectacular rainforest areas around Robertson and Fitzroy Falls. We did the Tree Top Walk at Robertson which is rather stunning, lunched at Fitzroy Falls and walked to the various lookouts in the area. Some of us had done a rather long walk to the Fitzroy Falls from Mittagong when we were Novices. The jury is out on how far it is - but it took us all day (according to Google Maps it is about 20 kms one way). Before the evening meal, we celebrated Eucharist with Monsignor John in the beautifully refurbished "Chapel of the Visitation" (the old chapel). Here we remembered confreres who had died since our last reunion at Leeton: Kevin Lane, Mary Emery, Brothers Hilary Peterson, Ronald Fogarty and Des Crowe. We concluded the liturgy with the singing (cum laude) of "Salve Regina" and "Sub Tuum".
During the evening meal we had a discussion about future reunions - when and where. The consensus was that we have one next year, and that it be in Victoria. There was an indication to return to Mittagong again sometime. The committee will investigate the possibilities and let people know about September this year.
Thursday 15th was a free day for groups to organize as they wish. However we did have a photo session after breakfast, and a wine tasting of the local produce by Brother Peter before the evening meal. All the open bottles were donated by Br Peter for the evening meal, and Peter Lawler provided two very nice ports to share. At this meal we acknowledged two significant anniversaries: Golden Wedding Anniversaries: 30th April - Kevin and Margaret Irvin; 30th July - Mike and Pat Doherty.
This year's committee (particularly John Kelly) is to be commended for a great reunion at Mittagong. Much appreciated by the alumni and wives. Keep in our prayers Brian Philp and Kevin Irvin both of whom are experiencing health problems. Brian and Kevin both died in 2010.
[courtesy Terry O'Brien - Drusilla 49 - April 2010]
[Excerpts from his letter for the Reunion - April 2010]
Dear Marist Macedon men,
I'm grateful ... for the opportunity of greeting you at (this) gathering. A special welcome, also, if your wife and, perhaps a family member, are with you ...
Like most of you, I was 16 years of age when I entered the Mittagong Juniorate in 1942.
It was the example of my parents commitment to their faith and, no doubt, the impact of one or several Brothers who taught me that led to my going to the Juniorate.
I'm sure the impact of your years - Juniorate, Novitiate, Scholasticate and University - and, for some of you, living in Marist School communities tackling teaching still remain a happy memory.
Your decision to leave either the Training Centre or Brothers' school community was a prudent one. You still bear the impact of those years. God blessed you for those years as he does in your current life.
I enjoyed my years as a Brother working with you either at Macedon or Wangaratta. May I recall a few of those experiences.
Brother Canice taking all the Juniors down to the vegetable garden to sit down and view the tremendous damage done to the rows and rows of vegetables! All was QUIET! Someone had left the entrance gate OPEN and our cows had a wonderful feed!
There was the Junior working in the front toilet rooms at the entrance to our Drusilla home. His job was to clean the windows. He overcame the difficult of reaching windows high up by standing on the wash basin! It broke away from the wall - water pipes burst!
I remember the Junior, in my Religion Class, leaving the room to ring the Angelus bell at 6.00pm. On his return,he told me: "The laundry is on fire!" He had faithfully completed all the bell ringing and prescribed Hail Marys!
Do you remember:
  • the concerts we had in the front Hallway?

  • the sung Masses and Bendictions?

  • the sport Juniors and Brothers played each week?
You will have some stories to recall ...
I'm 83 years of age - retired from teaching (Kilmore) in 2002. I live at Sacred Heart College, Somerton Park, SA. I appreciate being near my sister (85) - Dominican nun, and cousins, nieces and nephews - now married with a family. My two brothers are deceased.
That's enough from me! Enjoy the (reunion). Best wishes.
Sincerely..... Brother Osmund or Austin
[see photo in portrait gallery]
'Primary Production at the Hermitage'
Floppin Grief !! It's a Blast from the Past !!

Do you remember the trees, Augustus,
Do you remember the trees??

For the Pear and the Pomme, working habits we'd don;
There were 'Gus, Euge, Matthew and Mel.
Habits black? - no, grey, with the spray from every day;
And a smell that seemed to emanate from Hell !!

With the Chariot at heels, (t'was a barrel on wheels);
Full of spray to keep the flies at bay.
With a heave and a sneeze, we'd haul it through the trees;
And we'd pump till the end of the day.

Every month of the year, rain or shine, we were there;
Pumped by Euge, wand handled by 'Gus.
What a foul smelling brew, sprayed around like the dew,
Over trees; grass; Chariot; - and on us !!

Do you remember the trees, Augustus,
Do you remember the trees ??

Then when came the month of June, many twigs we'd prune;
Freezing hands; - secateurs set to sing.
Under Paul's watchful gaze, we pruned away the maze,
"Hey there! - leave enough for fruiting in the Spring !!"

Then the picking, when due - (seeds turned black was the clue);
And the packing when the market price would suit.
Sixty four's , or seventy eight's, get the size right for the crates;
Not a bruise; blemish; scar; - on any fruit.

Or the storing into crates for the cool room, with their dates;
Or the peeling; pulping; cooking; for our digs.
Apple pulp we'd pack in tin, - (gleaned from "seconds", cut quite thin);
While discarding peel and core; - to feed the pigs !!

Do you remember the trees, Augustus,
Do you remember the trees ??

Never more! Augustus, never more !
Long since, the trees succumbed to axe and saw !!

Now the Pomme and the Pear, are no longer growing there
At the Hermitage; - we nursed them in our times.
But in their graceful stead, we see grapes both white and red;
With "Marist Friends" now tending to vines.

Grapes growing on the vine; later blended into wine.Text Color
'Though trees are gone, - "The Hermitage" lives on !!

[Author: Mike (Eugene) Doherty - Drusilla 51: September 2006]

[see photo in portrait gallery]....