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70th Anniversary Commemoration

JANUARY 29th, 2018   ....    MACEDON



Mount Macedon Hotel

This date commemorates 70th Anniversary of the arrival of the first Juniors to begin their Juniorate at Macedon in 1948. Those first young men (some young boys) who arrived on this date were: Terry Gleeson, Ron Harding, Geoff Hornsby, John Quinlan, John Hopgood, Brian McGrath, David Edwards, and a week later Peter Alexanderson. To complete 1948 cohort of Juniors Basil Hoare, Brian Flynn, and Kevin O'Connor arrived towards the end of Term 1. So typical of Brother Placidus, the Provincial, to bolster the Junior numbers before the official opening on May 30th.

First Drusillians (from back): John Quinlan, Ron Harding, Geoff Hornsby, John Hopgood, Terry Gleeson, Brian McGrath, Peter Alexanderson, David Edwards
Other 1948 Drusillians who arrived in time for Official Opening in May: Kevin Hoare, Brian Flynn, and Kevin O'Connor  .. not in this photo

The Brothers on the staff in 1948 were Br Canice, Br. Boniface, and Br Flavian.

Mount Macedon Hotel Lunch

Nineteen Drusillians gathered at the Hotel for lunch on Monday 29th January, the seventieth anniversary of the arrival of the first Juniors to "Drusilla".

This hotel is owned by Gordon Johnstone who was the purchaser of "Drusilla" from the Marist Brothers in 2003.

Those who attended (19):

                                            Ern and Anne Burrows
                                            Br Redmond Casey
                                            Brian Greaves
                                            Br Kevin Hoare (first Drusillian 1948)
                                            Les and Bev Jones
                                            John and Meg Kelly
                                            Br Arthur Maybon
                                            Terry and Jenny O'Brien
                                            Peter and Jan O'Brien
                                            John Quinlan (first Drusillian 1948)
                                            Br Julian Quinlan (Mittagong '54 Novitiate)
                                            Des Tuck
                                            Mick Wade
                                            Br Doug Walsh (convenor).

Apologies acknowledged (6):

                                             Remo and Naomi Bianco
                                             Ken and Maureen Keating
                                              Br John Meehan
                                              Anna Tuck
Lunch was followed by a sharing session about some of our memories of  "Drusilla".

                                               Br Kevin Hoare and John Quinlan (Br Norman) - 1948 First Drusillians

 Posted: Feb 2nd 2018





Tuesday 20th March till  Friday 23rd March


This was the final formal Reunion for old Drusillians. The Committee chose the Catholic Leadership Centre (CLC) on the corner of Hoddle Street and Victoria Parade in Melbourne as the venue. Refer to for further details.

The very comfortable ensuite accommodation including continental breakfast was provided at CLC.

The 'Drusilla' family will live on despite our advancing years and having celebrated this final formal reunion. What began in 1980 at our first Reunion and continued in the subsequent reunions will unite us all (Old Drusillians - Juniors, Novices, Brothers, and spouses/partners, children and friends) in a bond of friendship that is unique which we all should endeavour to foster and protect in our own small ways. 

In future casual reunions will be arranged as required and as opportunities arise. Such an opportunity arises in October 2018 at Sacred Heart College in Adelaide where the new Marist Association will hold its annual conference.

Catholic Leadership Centre, Melbourne

Laudetur Jesus Christus   .......   Et Maria Mater eius

Tuesday 20th March              Arrival and registration                                              from 4.00 pm
                                                 Dinner      Self arranged small groups
                                                                  List of nearby restaurants supplied
Wednesday 21st March         Breakfast                                                                      7.30 - 9.00
                                                 Day Trip to Yarra Valley Wineries  and lunch             9.30
                                                 OR optional free time to explore Melbourne
                                                 Dinner        Self arranged small groups
Thursday 22nd March          Breakfast                                                                       7.30 - 9.00
                                                 Free time to explore Melbourne
                                                 Reunion Mass: St John the Evangelist (next door CLC)      5.30
                                                                          Celebrant: Father Andrew Hamilton SJ
                                                 and remembering all deceased confreres and spouses/partners
                                                 Reunion Dinner                                                                     6.30
                                                              3 course dinner at venue
                                                              MC: John Hassett
                                                              Guest Speaker: Br Peter Carroll, Provincial
                                                              Power Point presentation
                                                              "Walk through Drusilla" video
Friday 23rd March               Breakfast                                                                         7.30 - 9.00
                                               Departures from venue by 11.00

Those who attended (32):

                              Guest Speaker: Brother Peter Carroll, Provincial
                                                        Alonco, Tony and Therese
                                                        Bianco,  Remo and Naomi
                                                       Date,  John and Jenny
                                                       Doherty,  Mike and Pat
                                                       Greaves,  Brian
                                                       Hansen, Barry
                                                       Hassett, John and Val
                                                       Hoare, Brother Kevin
                                                       Irvin, Margaret (Kevin RIP)
                                                       Jones, Les and Bev
                                                       Keating, Ken and Maureen
                                                       Kelly, John and Meg
                                                       Lawler, Graeme
                                                      Loughland, Frank (Louris RIP) and daughter Jacinta
                                                      McCrystal, Brother Greg
                                                      O'Brien, Terry
                                                      Philp, Maureen (Brian RIP)
                                                      Quinlan, John (Margaret RIP) and grand daughter Alex
                                                      Quinlan, Brother Julian
                                                     Tuck, Des
                                                     Walsh, Brother Doug

Apologies received (29)

                                                     Alexanderson, Peter and daughter Karen
                                                     Burrows, Ern and Anne
                                                     Casey, Brother Julian
                                                     Dwyer, Terry
                                                     Flynn, Brian (Canada)
                                                     Green, Frank
                                                     Hickey, Brother Noel (Jerome)
                                                     Kennedy, Tony
                                                     Lane, Lois (Kevin RIP) and son Chris (travel problem)
                                                     Lawler, Peter (Joan RIP)
                                                     Lawlor, Tom and Hilda
                                                     Maybon, Brother John
                                                     McCarthy, Brother Bill (PNG)
                                                     McDonald, Terry and Wilma
                                                     McMahon, Brother John
                                                     Meehan, Brother John
                                                     Munro, Brian and Yvonne
                                                     O'Brien, Jenny
                                                     Parnham, Greg and Eleanor
                                                     Toohey, Gerard
                                                     Trainor, Mary (Kevin RIP)
                                                     Williams, Dominic

EXTRACT FROM ADELAIDE MARIST NEWS (courtesy Brother Greg McCrystal)


On March 22nd, The Final (Macedon) Reunion was formally celebrated with a Mass, followed by dinner. This year is also the 70th Anniversary of the commencement of the (Macedon) Juniorate in 1948.
The "Macedonians" or "Drusillians" as they are also called (the name of the house where they lived as Juniors, or as Novices have been coming together for many years (since 1980). Once, it used to be every four years to coincide with the Olympic Years. In more recent years the reunions have taken place (more regularly). On this occasion there were thirty former Macedonians and their wives, (a daughter and a grand daughter and two guests) at the function.
(Included in those who attended this reunion were  Maureen Philp (Brian RIP - 2010) and  Margaret Irvin (Kevin RIP - 2010) who continued to attend reunions after their husbands died. Special mention also in this regard of  Lois Lane (Kevin RIP - 2009) and her son Chris who intended to be there, but found their bookings when they arrived at Sydney airport were non-existent! Lois would have been very disappointed she couldn't be there.)

Many of the Macedonians are now in their eighties, and a number of them are reaching the stage of ill health, hence the reason for making this reunion the last one.

It was a very enjoyable evening. Father Andrew Hamilton SJ, well known to the Brothers, celebrated the Mass., and at the dinner The Provincial Brother Peter Carroll, updated those present on Marist events and offered a few words of encouragement and thanks for the Marist contributions of the Macedonians over many years.

Replacement photo below.
Barry Hansen, Brother Julian Quinlan, John Kelly, John Date, John Quinlan, Brian Greaves, Mike Doherty, Terry O'Brien, John Hassett, Brother Kevin Hoare, Brother Doug Walsh, Les Jones, Ken Keating, Graeme Lawler, Remo Bianco, Tony Alonco, Brother Greg McCrystal, Frank Loughland, Des Tuck


Saint John the Evangelist Church

Maureen Philp, Des Tuck, Margaret Irvin, Remo Bianco, Bev Jones, Naomi Bianco, Ken and Maureen (hidden) Keating, Therese Alonco, Les Jones, Frank Loughland, Brother Kevin Hoare

John Quinlan and granddaughter Alex, Val Hassett, Meg Kelly, Pat Doherty, John Kelly, Jenny Date, Mike Doherty, Terry O'Brien, Brother Julian Quinlan (organist), John Date

Brother Kevin Hoare (1948 original), Brian Greaves, Brother Greg McCrystal, John Date, John Kelly, John Quinlan (1948 original), Terry O'Brien

Meg and John Kelly, Maureen Philp, Margaret Irvin, Pat and Mike Doherty, Brian Greaves, Frank Loughland and daughter Jacinta.

Graeme Lawler, Brother Kevin Hoare, Brother Greg McCrystal, Brother Peter Carroll (Provincial, guest speaker), Brother Julian Quinlan.

Terry O'Brien, Barry Hansen, John and Jenny Date, John (MC) and Val Hassett, Les and Bev Jones.

Tony Alonco, Naomi and Remo Bianco, Therese Alonco, John Quinlan and grand daughter Alex, Des Tuck, Father Andrew Hamilton SJ


Last Reunion Group 2 (Guests and wives)

From Left: Br Peter Carroll (Provincial), Jenny Date, Meg Kelly (behind John), Pat Doherty, Val Hassett,  Father Andrew Hamilton SJ, Maureen Philp, Maureen Keating, Therese Alonco, Margaret Irvin, Naomi Bianco,  Bev Jones.




John Hassett (Drusilla 52)  ... Secretary
Les Jones (Drusilla 52)
Ken Keating (Drusilla 51)
John Kelly (Drusilla 51) .... Chairperson
Br Dough Walsh (Drusilla 52)
It is worth noting that Br Doug and John Kelly were the instigators of the very first Macedon Reunion  in 1980 at Drusilla. They were very well supported in the initial reunions by Brian Philp (RIP - 2010)

John Kelly and Br Doug
37 years ago !!

Acknowledgements and Contributors:
  • Brother Doug information about Mt Macedon lunch; John Hassett information about Last Reunion.
  • Photos and photographers: Brother Greg McCrystal,  Tony and Therese Alonco, and Alex
  • Some text from Adelaide Marist News Vol 5, April 2018 edited by Brother Greg McCrystal

Posted: June 2017 updated December 2017: March 2018; April 2018