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Photo Gallery #4

1952 Superior General Visit

[original photo courtesy Br Noel (Jerome) Hickey (Drusilla 53)]

Brother Jerome - Turned 90 on February 8th 2015 

This photo has been cropped into 5 sectional photos for better clarity.
Brother Noel (Jerome) Hickey kindly assisted with providing the names of the Juniors and Brothers.

Section A Juniors (left side)

Back: John Buck, Dean Curtis, John Crowe, Peter Lawler, Luke Kavanagh, Michael Wade, Peter Mitchell, Mich Brown
Second: Ken Keating, Mike Doherty, Kevin Irwin, Kevin Lane, Jack Kelly, Brian Fitzgerald, Brian Ridgeway
Third: Kevin O'Connor, Tom Earnshaw, Mal Morrison, Gavin Bolger, John Hassett, Tony Kelly, John Maybon
Front: Kevin Lynn, Barry Hansen, Frank Green, Michael Williams, Peter Walsh, Peter O'Brien, Dennis Myers, Brian Scales,

Section B Juniors (right side)

Back: Tony McGirr, Remo Bianco, Max Bond, John Kelly, Karl Quinn, Bruce Piercy, Pat Hewitson
Second: John Meehan, Greg Parnham, Terry O'Brien, Kevin Agnew, Michael Dowd, Tony Kennedy
Third: Greg McCrystal, Tom Lawlor, Brian Philp, Vin Scott, Ken Bainbridge, Bill McCarthy
Front: Les Jones, Michael Rush

Section A Brothers (left side)

Back: Brothers Silas Hill, Flavius Donnelly, Walter Smith, Cletus Read, Joachim McGrath
Second: Brothers Callixtus Hogan, Prosper Coughlin, Climacus Daly, Phelan Howley
Third: Brothers Crispin O'Sullivan, Sixtus  Byrt, Kieran Hogan, Macarius Joyce
Front: Brothers Austin Stephens, Geoffrey Daly, Nilus Kenny, Eric Wighton

Section B Brothers (middle )

Back: Brothers Bertrand Tilley, Denis Wright, Brian Beggs, Terence Kane, Xavier Collins, Dominic Stewart, Borgia Fletcher, Edmundus Scott, Aidan Smith, Eymard Martin,  Bede Hornsby, Ernest Gleeson, Kilian Flynn,
Middle: Brothers Evaristus Mason, Egbert Daly, Evangelist Oswald, Eustace Flynn, Noel Noonan, Abel Driscoll, Marcellin Kivlighon, Finan Hughan, Methodius Murphy.
Front: Brothers Ronald Fogarty, Sylvester Mannes, Bernard McGann, Fr Kane SJ, Justinian Woods(Assistant), Leonida (Superior General), Placidus Redden (Provincial), Fr Ken Morrison (PP), Kenneth Harris

Section C Brothers (left)

Back: Brothers Raymond O'Regan, Matthias Weygard , Marius Woulfe, Columbanus Pratt, Theobald Colbert, Conrad Lynch ,
Second: Brothers Ludovic Bourke, Cleophas Simmons, Benedict Coman, Jerome Hickey
Third: Brothers Viator Ansley, Celsus Lyons, Bernadine Kelly, Celian Lee, Anastasius Moran, Desmond McMahon
Front: Visiting priest, Brothers Andrew Hill, Roger Reidy, Paul Bourke, Gilbert Donohue, Othmar Weldon

[posted January 2015]


Macedon Days

[photos courtesy Tony Alonco (Drusilla 52)]

Des Tuck, Michael Rush, Tony Alonco

Peter Walsh (Br Doug)

Who can you name is this photo?

Barry Hansen, Frank Green

Matric Play 1953: "The Ugly Dunkling"
John Maybon, Kevin Irvin, Brian Philp, Terry O'Brien
Mike Doherty, Frank Green, Tony Kennedy, John Kelly, Barry Hansen

Can you help with Class, year, play?


Christmas Holidays at St Pat's Sale

[ photo courtesy Br Des Hornsby (Drusilla 69)]
[posted February 2013]
[selection of photos courtesy of Ern Burrows (Drusilla 50)]

[posted March 2011]






" Monks" at 1988 Reunion
Back Row: Brs Ron Campbell, John Meehan, Red Casey, Maurie Bainbridge, Peter Howes, Bill McCarthy
Front Row: Brs Greg McCrystal, Austin (Osmund) Redden, Canice, John Maybon, Gerry Rush, Nilus, Dougie Walsh