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Photo Gallery #3

Redbend, Forbes

See how many of these you can identify!
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Posted: November 2010


1950 Visit to Mittagong

[ Acknowledgment: photo courtesy Greg O'Regan (Canberra)]

Many of us will fondly remember Br Bernard McGann as our Provincial Bursar. And those of us that went to Mittagong will remember Br Paul and Br Finbar.


JULY 8th, 2010


The following photos were provided by Brother Terry Orrell (Drusilla 52) on the occasion of Brian Philp's funeral.


Br Terry Orrell, Marj and Barry Hansen

Ken Keating, Br Brian McCrystal, Greg Parnham, Terry O'Brien

(Also in attendance) Jan and Brian Greaves (previous photo)

Les Jones and Barry Hansen

'Boys from Parkes': Greg Parnham & Terry O'Brien

Barry Hansen and Ken Rolls

Br Noel Hickey, Marj and Barry Hansen

Ken Keating, Greg Parnham, Frank Green

Maureen Keating, John & Meg Kelly

Bev Jones, Greg Parnham, Les Jones

Pat and Mike Doherty

Br Bertinus Feehan & Pat Doherty



The set of photos that follow were taken by Peter Lawler - Drusilla 51, on the occasion of the last reunion held there in November 2003.

Former Matric classroom and Laboratory

Former Brothers' study - upstairs bathroom

Round cypress hedge (ping pong ball!)

The Sunken Garden

Vegie shed

Tennis court built by Juniors

Site of former Vegie patch.

Cattle yards - chook house in background.

The Machinery Shed

The rebuilt laundry after the fire!

The Lourdes Grotto