Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Photo Gallery #2

Novitiate Group - 1951

Back row: Bede Naulty (RIP), Nello Facci, John Quinlan, Redmond Casey

Second row: Chris Peterson (RIP), Brian Munro, Brian Greaves

Front row: Peter Alexanderson, Kevin Kyne (RIP), Kevin Bodey


[ photo courtesy Brian Greaves - Drusilla 49]

Cinderella - Matric 1951

This play was directed by John Hopgood (RIP). It was a skit on Cinderella in verse form, eg about the sisters: "who'd buzzed off to the bally ball and left her on her lonesome!"
[photo and information courtesy Brian Greaves - Drusilla 49]

July 2nd - 1952

Photo courtesy Greg O'Regan (Canberra)

Editor's Note: Melbourne Province novices named only - assitance with names provided by Brian Greaves - Drusilla 49.

Back Row: Br Aidan -Gerald Smith (1st from left); Br Joachim - Brian McGrath (4); John Della (7).

Row 4: Terry Gleeson (1); Br Xavier Collins(2); Nello Facci (6); Peter Alexanderson (8); Chris Peterson (9); Basil Hoare (10).

Row 3: Bede Naulty (4); Br Dominic Stewart (5); John Quinlan (7); Brian Flynn (8); Br Red Casey (10);

Row 2: Brian Monro (2); Kevin Bodey (10).

Front Row: Brothers Paul (3); Clement (5); Bishop McCabe (6); Andrew (7); Arcadius (8); Fr Galvin (9); Brian Greaves (10)

Absent (through illness): John Emery

Left before July 2nd: Kevin Kyne

John Date didn't go to Mittagong.


Solomon Islanders 1956 Profession

[photo and information courtesy Greg O'Regan - Mittagong 46, photo enhanced by Br Des Hornsby - Drusilla 69]
Editor's note: Those who were at Mittagong 1954 -56 would remember these great guys.

John Tura (Br Raphael) died recently. He and his Solomon Islander classmates: Malachi Sukuatu and Benedito Laumanasa did their Juniorate at Bowral, and Novitiate at Mittagong in mid fifties. John taught at various schools in Bougainville and the Solomons. He left the Brothers in the 1970s and taught in government schools. He also became a member of the Guadalcanal Provincial government for a time. Those who knew him in Mittagong times remember him for his exuberance [and a tough competitor in a game of hockey].