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Juniorate Roll-Call 1948 - 1954

1949 Group Photo
Back Row: Ernie Burrows, Brian Flynn, Brain McGrath(RIP), John Quinlan, Basil Hoare, Terry Gleeson(RIP).
Middle Row: Vin Scott (RIP), Peter Alexanderson, Brian Monro, John Hopgood (RIP), Diarmuid Crandles (RIP).
Front Row: Kevin O'Connor, Terry O'Brien, Bruce Piercy(RIP), Neil Morrison, Bernie O'Connell (RIP), Brian Greaves, Kevin Kyne (RIP), Brian Ridgeway.
Then: Br Ludovic (RIP), Fr Tim O'Callaghan (RIP), Br Canice (RIP), Br. Nilus (RIP).

The Juniorate..
was a period of discernment for aspirants to the Marist Order. They completed their secondary education during this time, and helped with the maintenance of the property. Sport also played an important part of the weekly timetable. The daily routine was similar to any Catholic boarding school of these times with opportunites provided for prayer, study, work, sport, and relaxation. Many life long friendships were formed during this time both between those who became Marists and those who decided to return to secular life.

ROLL CALL 1948 till 1954

1948 (11):

Peter Alexanderson, David Edwards, Brian Flynn, Terry Gleeson, Ron Harding, Basil Hoare, John Hopgood, Geoff Hornsby, Brian McGrath, Kevin O'Connor, John Quinlan.

1949 (13):

Ernie Burrows, Diarmuid Crandles, Brian Greaves, Kevin Kyne, Allan McGlade, Brian Monro, Mal Morrison, Terry O'Brien, Bernie O'Connell, Bruce Piercy, Brian Ridgeway, Vin Scott, Harry Peck.

1950 (16):

Ken Austin, Michael Brown, Ray Burns, Stan Burrow, Richard Casey, George Crowley, John Date, Peter Dickson, Brian Fitzgerald, Tony Kelly, Brian McCrystal, John Meehan, Bede Naulty, Chris Peterson, Gerald Smith, Mark Whitty.

1951 (25):

Ken Bambridge, Kevin Bodey, George Byrne, Redmond Casey, Les Claridge, John Crowe, Dean Curtis, Mike Doherty, Michael Dowd, John Emery, Nello Facci, Frank Green, Barry Hansen, Pat Hewitson, Kevin Irvin, Ken Keating, John Kelly, Jack Kelly, Tony Kennedy, Kevin Lane, Peter Lawler, John Maybon, Gerald Mead, Brian Philp, Peter Rawlings.


[Peter Lawler recalls: George Byrne arrived from Forbes with Peter and John Maybon on 25th January. George departed the Juniorate on 29th January (has to be the shortest stint!). George achieved fame in his short stay at the Juniorate by swimming across the lake underwater.]

1952 (25):

Kevin Agnew, Remo Bianco, Gavin Bolger, Max Bond, John Buck, Tom Earnshaw, John Hassett, Les Jones, Luke Kavanagh, Michael Keon, Tom Lawlor, Kevin Lynn, Bill McCarthy, Tony McGirr, Robert Mitchell, David Myers, Peter O'Brien, Terry Orrell, Greg Parnham, Karl Quinn, Michael Rush, Brian Scales, Michael Wade, Peter Walsh, Dominic Williams.

1953 (16):

Tony Alonco, John Campbell, John Dini, Peter Gill, John Kavanagh, Frank Loughland, Errol Lovett, John Mitchell, Ken Pentland, Bernie Pianto, Ken Rolls, Fred Schepsi, Brian Sully, Barry Tonkes, Des Tuck, Peter Wallace.

1954 (18):

Philip Bugg, Ron Campbell, John Connor, Allan Cooper, Eugene Dwyer, John Fox, Peter Giles, Frank Hanrahan, Peter Howes, Bill Jolley, Brian Keating, Peter Kellett, Kevin Langley, Terry McDonald, Bruce Nabbs, Ambrose Reilly, Greg Shiel, Tony Welch.



Deceased confreres. May they all rest in peace.


From 1955 the Juniorate became part of Champagnat College at Wangaratta.